A string of sad days

19 Sep
Late last week I was thinking about updating my blog.  I wanted to talk about how much we were enjoying Granny and Pop’s visit, how entertained we were by their many stories, how inspired I was watching the two of them together and sharing a spontaneous hug or caress after 56 years of marriage.  Granny fussed over us and started knitting a hat for Jade, while Pop whispered sweet nothings in Jade’s ear and busied himself fixing all the little defects in our house.
Then, on Thursday night, as I was bathing Jade, I caught her as she was trying to climb out of her baby tub.  (She has since graduated to the regular tub, which she doesn’t try to climb out of . . .  as much.)  Because she was startled, she started crying, and as I pulled her out to comfort her, I noticed a lump very low in her abdomen.  Not sure I was seeing correctly, I called Granny over for her opinion, and she, too, thought there was a lump.  I woke Michael from a nap to show him, but he didn’t see anything.  Truly, the lump had disappeared.  I was holding Jade by her hands and she started jumping a bit on the bed, and the lump then reappeared.  We thought this strange behaviour seemed to fit the profile of a hernia, and called the maternity ward for advice.  The nurse there said that it did sound like a hernia and that the best thing would probably be to make an appointment with our family doctor, but to come in to Emergency if we were really worried.  Wanting to be sure, we bundled the baby up and headed for the hospital.  We ended up spending four hours there, and had confirmation that it was probably a hernia and that we should make an appointment with the family doctor.
Poor Granny and Pop were still up when we got home, as they had been too worried about Jade to sleep.  (We did call them from the hospital with the news, but that didn’t really help alleviate the stress.)
Jade saw Dr. Ikeji yesterday, and she’ll be getting an ultrasound of her abdomen and a referral to a pediatrician.  Hernias are not unheard of in babies, and it’s probably not related to anything we or she did.  "Just a defect," was the doctor’s pronouncement. 
Jade’s hernia, though, was completely overshadowed on Sunday, when we suddenly had to take Granny to the hospital.
I don’t think I want to go into detail, except to mention that what the doctors initially took to be a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or "mini-stroke" turned out to be something much more serious, and Granny and Pop are now on a plane home, cutting their holiday short.  We’re just feeling so sad: sad for the abbreviated visit, sad that Granny is so ill, sad for Pop.  I don’t know what else I can say about it, except I’ll be saying a lot of prayers that we’ll all be looked after, one way or another.

2 Responses to “A string of sad days”

  1. Meandering September 19, 2006 at 7:41 am #

    It\’s sad to see them go, but it was wonderful to have them here.

  2. Nemmy September 19, 2006 at 4:28 pm #

    I\’m sad for you too. And for Pop and Granny, both of whom I love like my very own Pop and Granny. Lots of love and hugs. (And about the hernia – my friend Ken says he had one as a baby, and it\’s no big deal…)

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