I get by with a little help from my friends

25 Sep
I started a blog entry a couple of days ago but it got interuppted by a spectacular disagreement about how much TV is too much TV.  Fortunately, that got resolved, although the beginning of the post disappeared into never-never-land.
We had another bad day this week with a crisis in my family, which I figure must be the last bad thing that’s allowed to happen for a while, since that makes it a hat trick.  The good thing about having all h*ll break loose is that it can help to put other things in perspective.  Like how lucky we are that, despite the hernia, Jade is such a happy, healthy little girl.  That we have each other to lean on.  That we have a roof over our heads, good food to eat (and get fat on, too, darn it!), family who pull together in times of trouble, and good friends who are there for us when we need it.
I went to the post office on Friday to mail some photos to Granny and while I was there I bumped into my friend Amanda.  She innocently asked, "How are you?" and got a brief run-down on our troubles.  She gave me a hug and immediately invited me to tea, which was a great distraction that afternoon.  Later on in the evening, after Jade had been put to bed, I heard a knock at the door.  There was Marusia with a tin of home-made cranberry-orange muffins (with locally-picked cranberries!) and a little card.  And today, Rachelle phoned just to let us know that she and Peter are thinking of us.
It’s so wonderful to know that you are there, friends.  Thanks so much for all your love!

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