8-month-old wrestles with sleep

1 Oct
I’ve been meaning to post more blog entries over the past few days, but it’s been very difficult to get on the computer because Jade is not sleeping well.  Almost a week ago she was having a really bad evening with lots of crying.  At one point when I picked her up, she threw up, and because she had been sort of curled up in my arms, partially digested milk and sweet potatoes were all over her face, hair, front, and all over me, too.  Apparently she felt much better afterward, though, because she stopped crying.
She obviously couldn’t be put to bed as she was, so I cleaned up her face and hair, stripped off her Grobag and sleeper and got her changed into a warm fleece sleeper.  A Grobag is kind of like a blanket that the baby wears (like a sleeping bag, with the baby’s arms sticking out), and it’s great because it keeps the baby covered no matter how much they move, but can’t slip over their heads, which is supposed to be one of the things one avoids in order to prevents SIDS.  I think Jade’s Grobag has also helped to keep her "reined in" as she has become more physically active.  As I changed her out of the soiled Grobag and into the sleeper, I thought, "Oh dear.  I just bet she starts crawling around in her crib."
Sure enough, I laid her down in the crib and she flipped to her side (which is how she likes to sleep).  Then she turned a little more and was on her tummy.  You could literally see the "Eureka" moment as she realized, "When I’m on my tummy during the day, I get up on all fours and find something to stand up on!"  It has been extremely difficult to put her to bed ever since then.  As soon as she’s on her back, she flips over and crawls around and tries to stand up.  She cries because she’s so tired and miserable.  And even though she has no problems during the day getting back down on her bum, in the crib she just stands there and wails as if she were stuck.  Sometimes she does get stuck in awkward postions because she’s got her Grobag back on now, so she sometimes crawls up inside of it and can’t move anymore.  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so frustrating.

2 Responses to “8-month-old wrestles with sleep”

  1. Lindsay October 2, 2006 at 7:40 am #

    We went through that very frustrating time with Alexandria. She knew how to stand up but not get back down. It helps if you show them slowly how to get back into the position they need to be in to sleep. Have you tried a night without the growbag? I find Alexandria sleeps and stays happily in her crib now that she is free to move around. Just a thought.

  2. Fawn October 3, 2006 at 7:59 pm #

    I haven\’t tried it yet, but I have thought about it.  I want to wait a few more days to see how things go.  One of the things I like about using the Grobag is that this is something that can stay consistent even if we have to put her to sleep somewhere else (like when we\’ll be travelling and have to use the playpen for her to sleep in).
    It\’s funny that Jade can\’t get back down on her own in her crib because she does just fine everywhere else!

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