Child advocacy rules again

3 Oct
We had a rough start to our night last night, with Jade screaming for an hour before we gave in and took her to bed with us (the Baby Whisperer would not approve).  The trouble is that it’s hard to know whether she’s just having trouble getting to sleep or if she’s teething or if she’s in pain from her hernia (which is the most troublesome).  We decided to err on the side of leniancy, I guess, but the good thing was that the rest of the night went pretty easily.
Fortunately, the rough beginning did not herald a bad day.  In fact, it turned out to be a pretty good day all around.  Jade had a good morning nap, we had a chance to talk to Granny (who is out of the hospital and doing much better now with the brain tumour gone), and then I headed off to the Association Franco-Yukonnaise for a Healthy Moms, Dads, and Babies luncheon.  I had missed the last two events, so it was great to see everyone again and to exercise my rusty French muscles.
After lunch, I headed to the hospital to see Dr. Storey.  Dr. Storey is a surgeon, to whom Jade was referred for her hernia.  I have marked on my calendar that her appointment with him is on October 31.  I don’t know about you, but I thought that seemed like a long time to wait before having a consultation.  I mean, I know a hernia isn’t necessarily a crisis, but to wait a month before dealing with it… well, I just couldn’t do it.  I decided to go to Dr. Storey’s office to see if I could get an earlier appointment, or at least on a cancellation list.
The nurses working in the office were so helpful.  Of course, I felt warm and fuzzy right away because they all made a big fuss over how cute Jade is.  As soon as I explained why I was there, they looked up the referral and got me in to see Dr. Storey right away.  I was blown away!  The doctor was also wonderful.  He came and and talked to Jade and asked her if he could squeeze the giraffe she was playing with (which plays "You Are My Sunshine" and says "Squeeze Me" on it).  Then he checked her out (and she stayed on my lap the whole time, so we both felt really safe and comfortable) and said that he would prefer to deal with it sooner rather than later.  He explained the whole procedure to me  and even drew a diagram to show what would be going on.  Then he went out to ask the nurses whether it would be possible to book Jade in next week.  Well, it turns out there was a cancellation this Thursday, so we’re going to see the anaesthetist tomorrow afternoon, and Jade’s hernia will be history by Thursday at lunchtime!  My head was practically swimming — I just can’t believe how lucky we were to be able to get it dealt with so quickly!
On top of all that, when I went to pick up Michael and Norris afterward, the parking spot I chose still had 20 minutes on the meter.  How’s that for a lucky day?!

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