Preparing for hernia surgery

4 Oct
This afternoon we went to the hospital for Jade’s pre-operation preparation.  We met Dr. Dolinghouse, the anaesthesiologist, who was very nice and answered all our questions carefully, even though she was in a bit of a rush.  I had met with Marusia earier in the afternoon (she was, in an earlier life, a child life worker, i.e. someone who works with sick children and their families to help them prepare for and understand all the medical procedures they need to go through).  She helped me figure out some of the questions I might want to ask and prepared me for some of the stuff that might happen.
I was happy to find out that Dr. D. uses a topical anaesthetic to make the IV anaesthetic as painless as possible.  I was less happy to hear that because they do the anaesthetizing in the operating room, I won’t be allowed to be with her when they do this.  I also won’t be allowed to be with her right when she wakes up, although Dr. D. said they’d reunite us as quickly as possible.  I’m thinking I’ll take a stab at asking to be allowed in the operating room for the anaesthetic when we go tomorrow — it can’t hurt to ask.  I don’t really understand what the problem would be — except policy, I guess.  If I had had a C-section, Michael would have been able to be in the operating room with me, so why couldn’t I be with my baby during a time when she won’t even be operated on yet?
I’m sure some people will think I’m being overprotective, but I don’t see any reason for Jade to be more traumatized than she needs to be.  And what’s good for her is good for me, too.
Anyway, I’m sure that the surgery itself will go well — I had a really good feeling from both Dr. Dolinghouse and Dr. Storey.  The recovery nurse, Andrea, is really nice, too, someone we happen to have met socially a couple of times.  So I think we’re all in good hands!  Now if only I could hold Jade’s while she’s falling asleep…

One Response to “Preparing for hernia surgery”

  1. Lindsay October 5, 2006 at 6:53 am #

    We will all be thinking about you! For the record I don\’t think that you are being overprotective, I think you are being a mom. I would feel the same way she\’s your baby you want to be there for her. As hard as it may be just remind yourself she\’s in good hands. Hugs to all.

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