Jade’s surgery – done!

5 Oct
First of all, you should all know that Jade’s surgery this morning went very well and she’s doing great!
We had a really rough night, with the three of us probably getting only about 5 hours of sleep.  Michael was the one who finally figured out, around 1:30 in the morning, that Jade was in a lot of pain when she was lying down.  After that we had her sleeping with us with her legs curled up.  (Thank goodness we got to have to surgery so soon — I wonder how many other nights she was in pain and we didn’t realize it?)  I set the alarm for 5 a.m. so that I could get a feed into her before her cut-off at 5:30.
We got to the hospital at 8 a.m. and got checked in right away.  A nurse put some EMLA cream (a topical anaesthetic) on the tops of Jade’s hands so that she wouldn’t feel the IV go in later on.  (It takes 60 to 90 minutes for the EMLA to take effect.)
They still wouldn’t let me in during the anaesthetizing, but at least Jade had a nap while we were waiting so she was in a good mood when the nurse came to get her and bring her into the Operating Room.  She came to where we were paiting and said, "Can I take Jade now?"  I asked if she wouldn’t mind taking a minute to let Jade get used to her, and she was great.  She chatted with Jade and Jade was fascinated with her ID card with keys.  So the nurse picked her up and Jade played with the keys as she went into the OR.  Michael gulped and admitted that that part had been more difficult than he had expected.  Which was kind of funny because it wasn’t as bad as I had worried it might be.
Jade went in around 11:00 and she was out by noon.  She was groggy, disoriented and very tired, but she was doing well.  They said it was fine for her to have food, so I let her breastfeed right away.  I’ve never felt such a weak suck from her before, and she kept whining even when she was latched on.  Since breastfeeding is usually the "magic pill" that fixes everything, this was actually the most difficult part of the day for me.  It was like now that everything was over, I could be free to fall apart a little.
Dr. Storey told us that she stayed very stable through the operation.  He also said the hernia sack was quite big, so I guess that’s another reason it was really good that the surgery happened so quickly.  Generally once this type of hernia is fixed, it won’t come back; I just hope she doesn’t go and develop one on the other side.
We came home and all three of us had a good long nap together.  When we woke up, Jade was smiling and happy and flipping herself over, as usual.  She was slightly unsteady still, but within minutes she was crawling around downstairs, playing with her toys.
Now she won’t go to bed, probably because she’s had so much sleep today.  I guess we’ll have to work on her schedule again for a while, especially since we can’t give her a real bath, part of her usual bedtime routine, for at least a week.  Oh well, something’s always happening to throw off the routine.  At least I can be grateful that I have a happy, healthy little girl!

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