Old(ish) friends and new

9 Oct
Yesterday was a long and busy day, but so much fun.  (Until it was time to put Jade to bed, that is.) 
A couple of weeks ago, we were invited out to Lake Laberge for Linda and David’s traditional Thanksgiving potluck.  We headed out at around 2:30, after Jade had had a short nap.  The weather was great and the centrepiece of the meal was a gigantic King Salmon from the Taku River.  The thing was bigger than Jade, and that was without the head!  Norris took a picture of Charmaine with the fish, and they both got a chance to meet some of our friends, as well as quite a few people that we didn’t know.
The party was still going strong when we left at about 6:30.  (So strong that I had to tear Michael away from the bows and arrows and Norris away from a conversation with David.)  But Jade’s bedtime was looming and we still had a stop to make.
On Friday, we had gotten a call from a guy in town who is teaching Mandarin at Yukon College.  I had considered taking the course in order to meet other people in Whitehorse who speak Chinese, but this instructor told me that there was no sense in my taking it, as the course is designed for people who speak no Chinese at all.  (It’s being offered because there are about 15 families in town who have adopted Chinese babies, who are trying to give the kids a chance to learn their language and who are interested in learning themselves.)  He suggested that we get together for a meal sometime and he would introduce us to some of the Chinese families in town.  Friday, he called and told us his daughter was turning two and there would be a party at his house and that we would be welcome to join in.
Because it was already so late (after 7 by the time we got back into town), I just wanted to drop in and say hi and leave the small birthday present we had brought for the little girl.  (A Mrs. Potato Head – fun!)  Well, of course once we got in, we couldn’t escape so quickly!  It was lots of fun and though I had been a bit worried about trying to converse in Chinese, everyone was friendly and it was actually easy.  We finally left shortly after 8.
Jade had been as good as gold all day, but we really pushed her and she was beyond overtired when we got home.  We did an abbreviated bedtime routine, but it was still after 10 by the time Jade finally fell asleep.  I felt terribly guilty, and rather selfish that I hadn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to meet people who might be able to help Jade learn Chinese, too.  Fortunately, Jade seems to be sleeping much better since her hernia surgery (and I don’ t think it’s just because of the regular doses of Tylenol she had for the first two days afterward), so once she got to sleep, all was well.  She woke up only once around 12:30 and quickly went back to sleep and stayed down until 8!
We have another dinner to go to tonight, but an early supper and it’s in town and the hosts have a baby, as well, so it shouldn’t be as taxing on everybody.  It’s a busy Thanksgiving weekend, but one that I am really thankful for, with great friends, great new experiences, and a great sense of relief that my baby seems to be so much more comfortable that she can actually sleep.

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