Jade Update

17 Oct
Jade’s having her afternoon nap.  Quick!  Get on the computer and get something done!  (That’s after doing a mile-high stack of dishes and making some more baby food, of course.)
Jade is now 8 1/2 months old and more mobile than ever.  She delights in exploring the house, and I really wish Michael’s darn hot peppers had ripened in the greenhouse, because now they’re a major hazard in the living room.  During the past week, she started crawling with one knee and one foot (her left one), which gives her a comical lopsided gait.  Her knees seem to have adjusted to the abuse that comes with crawling — they’re no longer constantly bruised.
Almost anything can now be used as a prop to stand up, so now our windows bear not only Nanuq nose prints and Crook claw marks, but also little fingerprints, too.  Once she’s standing, Jade actually needs very little support to stay upright.  Michael claims she even stood on her own for about 5 seconds on Sunday, although I have witnessed only about 2 seconds so far, so I’m a tad skeptical that it didn’t just seem like longer to him.  Yesterday, Jade did use the "truck" walker from Granny and Pop to get across the family room, although she came pretty close to tumbling a few times.  I’m not sure if she actually realized what she did, but she seemed pretty happy when she hit the far wall and she was finally able to get to the horn to honk it.
Today I took off the clear bandage that was still on the incision from the hernia surgery.  It hadn’t fallen off of it’s own accord yet, but I thought it was starting to look pretty gross, and it smelled pretty icky when I took it off, so I don’t think it was really keeping the site clean anymore.  The incision looks much better out in the open, actually, as there was some dried blood on the bandage.  The scar site feels weird, though: extremely stiff.  I’ve never had stitches (except in my mouth, I guess, when I got my 2 wisdom teeth out), but Michael has and he says that’s normal.  Who knew?  (All you accident-prone people, I guess.)
When it comes to sleeping at night, it seems Jade chooses from one of the following two options: 1) cry incessantly for the first two hours after being put in bed, no matter if we shush, pat, sing, rock, or talk to her, but, once asleep, stay asleep for most of the night, or 2) go to sleep easily, but wake continually throughout the night, at a rate of every 2 to 3 (though possibly 4) hours.  It’s hard to say which is better.  Probably the first, although at the end of 2 hours, we’re feeling pretty ragged.  I guess those first few nights after the surgery were Tylenol-induced, after all.
However, when Jade wakes up in the morning or wakes up after a good nap and looks at me and smiles that enormous smile and starts talking ("Da da da DA!  Na na na NEE! AYYYYY!"), well, I can’t help but smile.

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