Living dangerously

20 Oct
I forgot to mention in the Jade update that one of the baby’s pastimes is crawling over to our torch lamps, grabbing onto them, and shaking them vigorously.  She does this also with chairs and table legs, but in those cases I don’t fear a loud crash and the shattering of glass (and possibly bones, as well).  She also recently sampled a stray piece of dog kibble (probably the perfect size to choke on) that I thought the dog had eaten when I pointed it out to him.  So what she put in her mouth was actually dog kibble THAT THE DOG HAD LICKED.  Good one, mom.
But yesterday, Jade really started living dangerously.  We were at Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies and Jade and I had both had our lunch.  She started crawling down the hall towards the stairs that lead up to the entrance to the building.  She has checked out the stairs at home, but contents herself with merely banging on them.  I followed her and sat next to her as she banged happily on the Women’s Centre stairs.  And then she lifted her right knee and hoisted herself up.  It didn’t take her more than a few seconds to figure out all she had to do was bend her other leg and, voila! she was up on the first step.
Of course, I didn’t have the camera.
I consoled myself (over that fact that she had figured out how to climb stairs, not that I didn’t have the camera) that the stairs at the Women’s Centre are not as high as the ones we have at home.  She has tried to lift her leg up before, but couldn’t get it high enough.
Well, either she has grown this past week (entirely plausible) or yesterday’s victory boosted her confidence (altogether likely) because today, she climbed up one of the steps at our house.  For some reason, she doesn’t attempt to go any higher (thank goodness, though believe me she will not get anywhere near the stairs unsupervised!) but is happy to stand on the first step and bang away on the third one.  She did, however, attempt to come back down.  This was not successful.  Getting one leg down is one thing, but then that other one is still stuck way up there.  I don’t know if she realized that it would not have been much fun if I hadn’t been there to help her down. 
But perhaps we need to started leashing her…

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