29 Oct
I’m sure we’re just being hysterical.  (About the sleep apnea thing.)  I think it’s because of the hernia.  Now there must be a medical reason for everything that goes wrong.
So I was worried about the whole time change thing throwing Jade off-kilter today.  Not that she’s exactly on a schedule or anything, but she does tend to wake up around the same time each day.  Anyway, we adjusted lunch by half an hour today, so as not to make the change too drastic, but for bedtime, we just threw caution to the wind and went off to the hotsprings.  We had dinner there and then a short soak (which Jade thoroughly enjoyed, even getting her face accidentally dunked underwater when she slipped off Michael’s leg.  She looked a bit surprised and coughed once or twice but didn’t mind at all.  In fact, she was trying to put her own face in the water.  That’s a water baby!  It’s so fun to watch her when she has her life-jacket on.  She kicks her legs and waves her arms and actually manages to swim a short distance away from us.
Jade is usually exhausted after a swim, but did quite well in the transition from wet bathing suit to dry clothes.  We devised the brilliant scheme of having me go in to change first, and then coming out to get Jade from Michael.  That way, she didn’t have to sit around waiting for me and getting cranky.  She fell asleep in the car seat on the way home and then we had a relatively smooth transition to her crib.  By the time she was in, it was close to 8 p.m. (so 9 p.m. to her little bio-rhythm) which is later than her usual 7 p.m. bedtime.  So we’ll see if that does anything for her night sleeping.
Speaking of night sleep, I know it’s pretty early, but I think I’m ready for bed now, too.  But first, I think I need some hot chocolate.  Mmmm…

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