Baby sleep apnea?

29 Oct
Last night Michael was trying unsuccessfully to get Jade back to sleep.  After trying for a while he brought her into our room and said that she was breathing strangely.  She would get quiet and settled and be breathing normally, then stop, then start to cry and then gasp.  He wondered if she might have sleep apnea.
A bit of Internet research doesn’t really help.  Apparently, pauses in breathing, lasting for several seconds, are totally normal.  Plus, one of the most common symptoms is snoring and mouth breathing, which Jade doesn’t tend to do.  But she does have some of the other symptoms: slow weight gain, restless sleeping, coughing or choking at night, excessive daytime sleepiness. 
I don’t know; any one of the symptoms can be present in a normal healthy child.  Apparently, infnat sleep apnea isn’t that uncommon and often goes away on its own.  Or it can be caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids, which can be surgically removed.  (Why is it that so many people have problems with these body parts?  What the heck are they for if we don’t need them?)  I guess maybe it’s time to see the doctor again.  I’m starting to feel like a hypochondriac.

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