High Country Inn Brunch Review

5 Nov
Janet phoned the other evening and asked us to join them for brunch at the High Country Inn today.  It’s $22.50 for their brunch and Janet said they wanted to go try it and feel rich.  I asked Michael what he thought of the idea and he said that paying that much for brunch would make him feel poor, but we decided to go, anyway — something to be tried just once in a blue moon.  (Or maybe even just once.)
We didn’t have a reservation and our group turned out to be pretty huge, so three of our party ended up having to sit at a different table.  The atmosphere was cozy and the service was decent.  The buffet was served in a separate room and I have to admit that the ambiance in there was pretty classy.  As for the food, well, the beef ribs were unpalatable and when I went the only scrambled eggs to be had were the dried, crustified ones from the bottom of the heated tray.  Also, at $22.50 a head, I would have expected prime rib, rather than the ham they had under the heat lamp.  However, there was some very nice fresh fruit, lots of different meat choices, and the waffles with strawberries and whipped cream were absolutely fabulous.  The omelettes were made-to-order, and included lots of fresh ingredients; they looked great, although I didn’t try one myself.  Coffee, tea, and juices were included in the price, which was nice.
As for the babies, the only high chair available was one of those sucky wooden ones that are really more for toddlers than babies, so we ended up having our laps full of squirming child; however, Jade got some pretty good pickings off our plates and ended up not even eating much of the lunch we brought with us for her.  (Thank goodness they didn’t charge us for the chicken bone and bits of watermelon and sweet potato she had!)
On the whole, I’m not sure it was really worth $22.50 (plus tax!) unless you go really early and eat at a leisurely pace and pretty much fill yourself up for the whole day.  But it it was a nice meal, and a good place to go to have conversation with friends.  I think, given the price, I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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