New Ways and Means

6 Nov
In the last few days, I’ve learned about a couple of neat things that I had never heard of before.  They might be useful or just interesting to some of you, so I present them to you now:
The Blessingway
I have a number of friends who are pregnant and due in December or January.  Colleen’s sister e-mailed a bunch of her friends and proposed a "virtual blessingway".  Now, I had never heard of a blessingway before, let alone a virtual one, but it’s a beautiful concept.  As described on "Preggie Peggy’s" website:
A traditional Native American custom, blessingways center around the pregnant woman and her upcoming rite of passage into motherhood. This ritual doesn’t include playing games and giving gifts for the baby. The idea behind the blessingway is to surround the mom-to-be with support and encouragement as she counts her days down to the birth.
One of the ideas on the website suggests that each guest write down a wish for the mom-to-be while she is in labour, and one wish for the baby at the time of the birth.  Then a coloured bead gets strung onto a necklace for every wish the guests made, and the mother can pack it in her labour bag and use it as a source of strength and positive energy.  Isn’t that a wonderful idea?
The Honeymoon Registry
With so many people getting married later in life, traditional wedding gifts sometimes seem superfluous and a wedding registry unnecessary.  But now you can register for the honeymoon of your dreams.  Using a website like "Traveler’s Joy", you can break your honeymoon down into basic components (breakfast in bed, spa visits, cocktails, specific activities) and ask your friends and family to contribute to one of the individual components.  In some ways, it’s reminiscent of sponsorship deals at major events ("This meal is brought to you by Tisket Gadget Company!") and I guess there will always be those who think a registry is in bad taste, but the novelty of this idea really appeals to me.  I’d be happy to buy a breakfast in bed for one of my good newlywed friends!

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