6 Nov
This morning Michael asked me to tidy the kitchen a bit because I had friends coming over to do scrapbooking.  (I don’t think they cared what the kitchen looked like, but Michael was installing anti-virus software on his computer, so he was able to watch Jade for a bit, so I took the opportunity to get something productive done.)  So I was tidying away and the phone rang.  Michael answered it and got distracted for a moment.  Next thing I knew, I was looking down the stairs on to find Jade was up on the third step!
Later on in the afternoon, I had put the baby gate on the second step.  Jade climbed up on the first step and stood up to yank on the baby gate.  (She does this to the gate at the top of the stairs, too…)
"Uh oh," I thought, "I think I’d better try to block the first step off, too."
Just before supper, we were on the phone with Gran and Jade followed Michael over to the stairs.  (He was going out to pick up Nanuq from a friend’s house.)  This time, she went all the way up.  She had to stop once while I took her pants off because they were falling down, and she paused on the last step to chew on one of Crook’s toy mice, but she finally decided to take the final step.  So Michael missed the first trip up the stairs, but Gran witnessed it over the phone.
When he got home, I told Michael about it and then handed Jade over while I got her supper ready.  Michael went downstairs with her and when I called them to eat, he put her at the bottom of the stairs, and she scampered up again. 
So the stairs have been conquered (at least in the upward direction) and we’ve got to keep a closer eye than ever on the little monkey!

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