Baby Explorer

7 Nov
Today there was a Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies event at the Association Franco-yukonnaise.  (So, properly speaking, it was a "Mamans, bébés, et papas en santé" event.) I love going because it gives me a chance to meet the francophone mums in town, so I can practice my French and Jade gets exposed to the sounds of the language.  Plus they have awesome food.  They hold their get-togethers just once a month, so it seems like a long time between times, and the babies all grow so much while I don’t see them.
Last month when I went, I couldn’t put Jade down to do anything.  As soon as I did, she would start to cry.  Today, she stayed still only long enough to eat lunch (which was only a little bit of what I brought for her, and mostly food off my plate, including some new things like chickpeas and sausage, that she’s never had before) and she was off motoring around and exploring.  The biggest draw for her was the playroom — she homed in on those "new" toys right away.  She was especially attracted to a riding car that one of the bigger kids was zooming around on.  She kept following him around and I kept cringing because the little guy was pretty young and I worried about Jade’s fingers getting crushed under the wheels.  Thank goodness that particular catastrophe never materialized.
Jade played HARD.  I could tell she was tired when we were done, but she wasn’t in that over-tired cranky state, so I wasn’t expecting her to completely crash during the short car ride home (about 10 minutes).  She’s still napping now (after a brief wake-up), so I guess the adventure was good for her.  Too bad these things happen just once a month…!

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