An exciting mail day

8 Nov
We got great mail today!
First there was an envelope from Granny and Pop.  In it, there was the hat that Granny had started knitting for Jade when she was visiting (and spent a fortune on in buying the pattern, needles, and wool locally), but didn’t get a chance to finish before Bob the Blob (a.k.a. the brain tumour) whisked them back to Mississauga and appropriate medical care.  She wasn’t able to finish it herself but a neighbour stepped in.  The hat looks great and just fits Jade’s head, so she’ll get to wear it for at least a little while.  Thanks so much, Granny!
The envelope also contained a letter for each of us: one for me, one for Jade, and one for Michael (in which he is called a horrible grandson, because that’s how Granny says "I love you" — hee hee!).
Then there was a big cardboard envelope from my Mom.  In it, there was a baby snowsuit for Jade, just in time to replace the one she has outgrown (which also isn’t warm enough, anyway).  Great timing, Mom!  It’s a an off-white colour with a bear on the front, so it goes well with Granny’s hat (which is navy blue and red) and will also be easy to pass on to future wearers, regardless of sex.
Finally, there was a postcard from my German friend Christine, who, despite my lack of return letters, faithfully writes me a card about once a month, despite being busy with a job, school, and numerous colds.  Not only does she write often, but her postcards are always illustrated with little emoticon-like drawings!  I don’t know how she does it, but it’s wonderful to get these little pieces of art and sunshine.
Yep, it was a great mail day at our house.  Thanks, folks!
And tomorrow, I will tell you all about my new red chair.

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