Sing, sing a song

8 Nov
Last night there was a women’s singing workshop being held at the Whitehorse United Church.  Michael heard about it on the radio a few weeks ago and encouraged me to go.  It started at 7:15, so I worked hard to get Jade to bed by 7:00 (her usual bedtime) so that I could get there on time.
Unfortunately, Jade had such great naps yesterday that by her usual bedtime she wasn’t very tired.  If I had been staying at home, I probably would have delayed her bedtime routine by half an hour or so.  As it was, I was forced to leave a very awake Jade in Michael’s hands, interrupting his dinner of toast and cottage cheese.  I was antsy during the first half of the workshop because I was worried about them, wondering if it had been unfair of me to force bedtime on Jade when she had been so wonderful all day.
However, the fun of the workshop soon took over.  It focussed mostly on choral singing and at the end we divided into altos and sopranos and sang the "Virgin’s Slumber Song" in German.  Beautiful!
I was singing next to another woman and when we were done she told me that I had a wonderful voice (sorry, a bit of horn-tooting there, but it was nice to hear) and that I should join the community choir and the Persephone Singers, which is a smaller, select off-shoot of the community choir.  The practices are on Monday nights, which is when Michael has his Big Band rehearsals.  I told her I might have to negotiate with my husband and she said, "Or you could hire a babysitter."  Oh, yeah.  I hadn’t thought of that…
I came home to a quiet house.  Michael had sung to Jade for 15 minutes and had warned her each time she stood up that if she kept doing it he would leave.  He’s sure that she understood what he was saying because she actually did stay lying down for much longer when he told her that.  After the third time, he left her to cry.  She was asleep in 45 minutes (by 8:00 p.m.) and STAYED ASLEEP until 5:00 this morning!  (Then it was pretty easy to get her to go back to sleep and stay asleep until 8:00 – wow!)
So I don’t know if it was letting her cry it out or if was the fabulous naps or the walk we had before dinner or just the fact that the stars were aligned, but it was great.  The funny thing is, I was still exhausted when I got up this morning.  I guess I need a few more good nights like that to catch up!  I’ll let you know if it helps when I get to experience that…

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