My new red chair

9 Nov
Most of my friends know that red is my colour, and now there’s a new splash of it in our house.
When Granny and Pop were visiting, I had a few days of major discomfort as I injured my tailbone nursing Jade on the hard antique rocking chair in her room.  I started to think about getting myself a nice gliding rocker.  When Granny heard about that, she got excited about the idea and wanted to get one for us as a house-warming gift.  We insisted that it wasn’t necessary, but Granny insisted that it was.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up getting a chair.  That is, we ordered one from a local furniture store because we couldn’t find one in town that was both comfortable, reasonably priced, and not totally ugly.  I initially wasn’t really particular about the colour of the chair, but since I ended up making a custom order, I decided to be bold and get it in my favourite colour.
One week ago today, Michael went to the store with Tom’s truck and picked up the new chair.  (And then put it together.  I wasn’t expecting that we’d have to assemble it ourselves — thank you, Michael!)  It is so wonderfully comfortable to nurse Jade in, and I’ve even been able to snooze in it during some late-night feedings.  And even once Jade is weaned, it’ll still be a great chair to relax in.
Thanks, Granny and Pop!

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