Jade the musician

10 Nov
I forgot to mention that Jade officially became a musician yesterday.  She’s been playing with percussive instruments for a while (indeed, she turns many things into percussive instruments) and we often play along with the electric piano when I set it to randomly play one of the 100 songs in its memory.  We have a basket of small instruments (shakers, rhythm sticks, kazoos, harmonicas…) that I let Jade play with when the piano is doing its thing. 
One of her favourite instruments is a strange-looking instrument that Michael’s parents brought back from South America.  It’s shaped like a turtle and plays like a whistle or flute.  I always cringe when she grabs it because it’s made of clay (or something similar) and when she’s done with it, she inevitably drops it from shoulder height before going onto the next thing.  Plus, she usually plays with it by banging it on the floor.
Yesterday, while I was making the gravy and mashed potatoes for supper, Michael was keeping Jade entertained by playing with the basket of instruments.  As usual, she grabbed the turtle-flute, but this time she put it to her lips.  Michael laughed as she made strange noises, saying, "I think she’s trying to blow into it."
And suddenly, she played a note!
Michael and I both erupted in cheers, and she took the instrument from her lips and gave Michael a huge triumphant smile.  Then she played it again. 
I think she’s hooked.  And (in the words of Martha Stewart) that’s a good thing.

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