Out of commission

13 Nov
I was planning yesterday to make a blog entry about how much I enjoy spending time with Jade when I get a chance to have a break from her.  Instead, I ended up curled up in pain in bed, where I stayed for about 15 hours.  I’ve never had such crazy back pain before, and it happened so suddenly, as I was trying to stand up from sitting on the couch (with Jade in my arms).  I guess I have been a bit abusive towards my back lately, swooping Jade from the floor up into the air and back down — bad, bad body mechanics.  I swear I’d rather be in labour again.  At least that pain had a point and had a definitive end in sight.
Michael went and got me some painkillers/muscle-relaxants today and I’m feeling somewhat better, but I still can’t even lift the weight of the milk jug without wincing.  So back to bed I go to get some rest and do some pelvic tilts. 
I feel so old.  And I’m only turning 28 on Sunday.

One Response to “Out of commission”

  1. Unknown November 14, 2006 at 10:53 pm #

    Hey Fawn!!!
    Finally caught up on the last month since the hernia was discovered… fun posts!  I had a near-death back pain experience in Sept after getting up suddenly from the tub, and did lots of research and found my way back to perfect back health in about 5 days.  Feel free to call m eif you need/want any of this info, you have my home @ right? i dont want to post it here but Ill email it to you.  The doctor did nothing to help my "lower back strain" – is this what you have? BUT I ended up seeing a chiropractor who healed me amazingly, i walked in at a 90 degree angle with ferocious pain and walked out straight up 40 mins later with dull pain! Let me know if I can help. xox Lara Oh and i finally updated my blog after 2 weeks!

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