This girl was made for walkin’

14 Nov
Well, she’s not officially walking yet (c’mon, folks, she’s only 9 months old!) but lately Jade has been very into pushing things around.  It started with the tea trolley, then progressed to the footstool, and yesterday she went on to the kitchen chairs.  Today, Jade was walking around using the toy truck from Granny and Pop.  She looks so big walking behind it! 
I have a bad feeling about the night ahead.  She has a diaper rash, a mild rash on her face, and she’s already woken up once tonight with a stuffy nose.  I plugged in the humidifier and let her nurse a bit, then sat in her room until she fell asleep, mostly because when I left for a desperately-needed toilet break, she woke from her semi-asleep state into full hysteria.  *sigh*
Well, hopefully she’ll get over this cold (or bout of teething?!) soon so that we can get her back on the good sleep we’ve managed to enjoy for a week.
I recently got a "Drop-Shots" account that lets me share my videos — hurray!  (Thanks to Stacie, who uses it from her blog, so I knew where to find this service.)  I plan to upload some of the videos I took today of Jade walking with the car.  Those who want to see the videos should e-mail me for the URL.

2 Responses to “This girl was made for walkin’”

  1. Unknown November 16, 2006 at 10:42 pm #

    Cool! Dropshots is awesome. I wanna see Jade booting around! :)Aren\’t you going to post it here? Or can\’t you?

  2. Fawn November 16, 2006 at 11:37 pm #

    I guess I just figured I\’d save the videos for people I know. 🙂 I\’ll e-mail you the URL after I get off my butt and upload the videos.

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