Baby’s new tricks

17 Nov
It’s so exciting to watch Jade develop new skills!  I spent a few hours yesterday reviewing photos of Jade and marvelled at how much she has grown and changed in nine and a half months.  We got a chance to weigh Jade at the Healthy Moms lunch yesterday, and she came in at 16 lbs 8 oz, which means she is 6 oz more than two weeks ago.  I know it’s silly to worry, but it’s nice to know that she’s going in the right direction. 
For her afternoon snack, I grated up some cheddar cheese, which she was recently introduced to.  She thinks it’s okay, but isn’t that excited over it.  When I presented her with the grated cheese, (on a plastic plate on the floor next to her) she grabbed a bunch, but wasn’t in a hurry to put it in her mouth, and when I fed a little to her, she made a kind of "worried" face that means, "Einh, I’ve had better."  Crook came over to investigate what was going on.  Now Nanuq LOVES cheddar, but I’ve never offered any to Crook before.  He sniffed the bit that Jade was holding, which Jade found terrifically exciting.  I gave Crook a little piece of cheese for himself, which he quickly ate up, and Jade was finally convinced to put hers in her mouth.  Thanks to Crook for setting a good example!
Last week I went for lunch at a friend’s house and noted that her son, a couple of weeks older than Jade, was drinking happily from his sippy cup.  I’ve always taken the valve out of Jade’s cups, or just let her drink from a regular glass, because she never learned to suck on the cup spout.  Asheya explained that she took the valve out of her son’s cup until he learned water came from it, then replaced it, and he just started sucking.  That’s what I had tried to do, too, but that was almost 3 months ago.  Asheya’s boy just got a sippy cup last month.  So I decided to let Jade try again.  And what do you know, she got it on the first try.  Now she loves helping herself to her own water.
Jade’s newest game is open up the kitchen cupboards.  Mostly she ignores what’s inside (although she did knock out my kitchen scale the other day) and contents herself with banging them open and shut.
Yes, things are always exciting in this household!
P.S. Thanks to all of you who asked about my back and offered advice.  I feel good as new again, although I’m trying to be careful not to overdo things.  I really don’t need a repeat performance!

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