Happy 2007!

1 Jan
Well, it’s January 1st, so it really is high time to get back into the blogging saddle again.  So sorry for the long hiatus, but I just couldn’t drag myself to the computer with so much chaos going on in the house.
We still haven’t finished organizing; in fact, our my suitcase isn’t even unpacked yet.  But at least everyone is sleeping where they’re supposed to and today Michael and I had some guests for lunch, so we managed to tidy up the house and make it presentable, which is a huge relief!  I don’t know about you, but when the house is a mess, I feel like a mess.
We ended up getting pretty into the Christmas spirit, after all.  On Christmas Eve, I added a few presents under the tree — one for Jade and several for Crook and Nanuq — and the fact that we had a tree and that Jade loved it (and kept pulling off the moosehide ornaments to suck on them) and that even Crook and Nanuq seemed excited, just made it seem like Christmas.  I cooked the traditional Fritzen Christmas Eve goose and we managed to find a babysitter so that we didn’t have to wake Jade up when we went to church.  I accompanied the choir on the grand piano and didn’t make a complete fool of myself.
On Christmas morning we got up and fed Jade and then opened presents before we had our breakfasts, just because we wanted to squeeze them in before her morning nap.  Jade’s pile of presents (only one from us!) towered over her.  Nanuq bounced around long before we got to the tree, as if he knew what was coming.  Crook actually enjoyed the toy I bought him, and then busied himself hiding in boxes after Jade helped us to empty them.  That young lady certainly had a good haul!  She played with some of her new toys until it was about half an hour after her usual nap time, then "hit the wall", so to speak.  One second she was playing happily, and the next she burst into tears of exhaustion.  She went right down for her nap and made it a good one.
In the evening we went to Richard and Marusia’s for a "quiet" sit-down Christmas dinner for, oh, about 24 people.  They don’t have an enormous house, but somehow by rearranging the furniture during different parts of the evening, it never felt cramped.  It was an amazingly organized affair with games, great food, and terrific company.  We brought Jade’s playpen and set it up in Richard and Marusia’s bedroom.  I was a bit concerned as to whether the din we were all making would affect her sleep (since the bedroom was right next to the rooms we were using), but she slept through it like a champ (waking briefly once or twice but putting herself back to sleep) right up until we left for home around 1:30 a.m..  Whew!  That’s the first time we’ve been out that late in… wow, probably a couple of years!
Jade’s made quite a few accomplishments in the last few weeks.  Since our trip to Ottawa she has learned how to come down the stairs, play the harmonica, the pitch pipe, and (today!) the kazoo.  These past two weeks, she has been regularly standing up on her own, often from a crouching position.  (I always thought it would be easier to pull oneself up on something and then let go, but apparently that’s not the way Miss Jade works.)  She has also gotten into a wonderfully regular sleep routine.  We get a short morning nap, a longer afternoon nap, and then a good solid night’s sleep, usually from about 7:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Mommy is a surprisingly sweet-tempered woman when she can count on a solid block of sleep.
For New Year’s figured we’d probably be too tired to stay up late, but we actually ended up making it to midnight.  I bought some jelly doughnuts (a German tradition) and had a bottle of sparkling grape juice.  We played Scattergories (one of my Christmas gifts from Tim — awesome!) which I thought would be a bit tame with just two people, but ended up being lots of fun.  (In fact, we had to quit after two games because I was getting too wound up trying to beat Michael.  He beat me in the first game and I beat him in the second, but we were very close in both.)  We watched "Billy Madison" which is a terrible Adam Sandler movie.  I like some of his flicks, but that one?  Um, no.  And then we watched CBC (Air Farce) until the countdown to midnight.  I know, we’re such hard partiers, you’re exhausted just reading about it.
Today was busy because we were getting the house in order for our lunch guests.  Yesterday when Michael was out skijoring with Nanuq, a truck pulled over on the highway and waited until they caught up.  It turned out to be full of Fort Liardians who had come up to celebrate New Year’s.  Michael promptly invited them for lunch, which was a great idea.  The visiting was good and the side effect of having a clean house was a great bonus.
Well, that’s some of the trivia from our lives over the last few weeks.  I’ll have to put up some more pictures soon.  We have some really fun ones of Jade laughing at the ocean!

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