Babies mean constant changes

3 Jan

Did I forget to mention that Jade loves shoes?  Yes, she’s all of 11 months old, and she’s already got a thing for footwear.  She stands up at her little cupboard and opens the doors and pulls out all her shoes.  When she sees booties or baby shoes on the floor, she makes a beeline for them.  I didn’t start to have a thing for shoes until I was in high school.

Jade also seems to be into matching things.  It started with the shoes, I think.  There might be three pairs of baby shoes or booties on the floor, and she’ll pick up two that match and wave them around.  Yesterday, she got into the basket of musical toys and picked up a rhythm stick (the ribbed one).  Then she dug in the basket until she found the other rhythm stick (the smooth one).  And then she waved them around.  She did the same with the two kazoos (one yellow and one red).

Yesterday I realized that her morning nap was starting to move later.  I pulled out my copy of the "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" to see what Tracy Hogg had to say.  Sure enough, many one-year-olds start dropping the morning nap and moving to one long afternoon nap.  So I’ll go with the flow for a bit and see if we can eventually get the two naps merged into one.  Of course, first I really need to find out what the schedule at Jade’s daycare will be.

We’re going for a tour on Friday afternoon.  I’m hoping that afterward I will feel better about leaving Jade there for three days a week.  I already heard that the "infants" group that Jade will be in takes their lunch at 11:00 a.m., which is an hour earlier than I give Jade her lunch.  I’ll find out the schedule for the whole day and try to get her on it before she has to go there.  We’ll probably have a couple of days later on in the month where I will go there and spend part of the day with her, so she can get used to things.

And on the first day I leave her there and go to work, I think I will cry.

I know, I know, she’ll adjust just fine, I’m sure.  But I keep thinking, what if it’s difficult?  What if she stops sleeping through the night?! (Augh!)  What if she takes her first step while she’s there and I miss it?

As you can see, I’m having some emotions about the idea of going back to work.

However, I really like my boss and co-workers, and I’m moving into a cool new job in the same branch when I get there.  Plus there’s providing my family with benefits and a steady flow of cash.  (And then there are the "obligatory" facts that I didn’t work there for a full year after they paid for our move to Whitehorse and I got a top-up while on maternity leave, so unless we want to pay all that back to the government…)

So back to work I will go.

One of the veteran moms in the neighbourhood tells me she found it really difficult to back to work after she had her first baby, but that after a few days she started to feel better and even found she became a better mom because it was good for her to get out and use her brain and interact with adults.  Plus she liked being able to go to the bathroom on her own, although I personally haven’t found that to be a problem.  (I mean, geez, Jade is safe enough playing with her toys for the 76 seconds it takes me to pee and wash my hands.  Why else did we bother to baby-proof?)

At any rate, I’m supposed to start working for four days a week on January 29th, but I think I’ll ask if I can work three days that week, using up one holiday day.  Because if I have to be at work on the day Jade turns one (on January 30th) I will surely be a miserable, crying, unproductive basket case.  And nobody wants to see me like that.


One Response to “Babies mean constant changes”

  1. Selena January 10, 2007 at 11:32 pm #

    Perhaps you have a budding fashionista on your hands! A prodigy of sorts! Personally, I think shoes are an admirable interest to have. For starters, they keep your feet warm, dry and kept safe, so they\’re not as likely to do things like fall off!
    On a serious note, hard as it may be, just think of the look of complete and utter joy that\’ll be on Jade\’s face when you come home from work! I\’ll bet that smile\’ll make up for any anxiety over the first few days and then you\’ll both settle into your new routines… 🙂

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