They won’t eat cake

8 Jan
Today is Norris’s birthday.  We didn’t realize this fact until yesterday, so we didn’t have much time to prepare, but we didn’t want the day to go entirely uncelebrated, so we went out for a sushi lunch today. 
Later on in the afternoon, when Jade was down for her afternoon nap, I decided to bake a gingerbread cake that I had the pleasure to sample a few months ago but hadn’t yet had a chance to make.  It’s a really gingery cake – a cake with bite! – and not too sweet.  (It’s not hard to make, either, but it does call for a full 1/2 cup of freshly grated ginger, which is the largest amount of grated ginger I’ve ever seen in a recipe.  I didn’t actaully have enough on hand, but even using 1/4 cup turned out to be good.)
The last line of the recipe suggests serving the cake with either applesauce or whipped cream, and I thought, "Why not both?"  We happen to keep applesauce around, anyway, as a good healthy snack for Jade.  I called Joanne next door to ask her if she had any whipping cream, because she had been complaining yesterday that they had too much at their house, for some reason.  She had half a bowl of whipped cream left and was glad to give it away.  Since we didn’t invite them over to share the cake with us, I thought it would be the decent thing to at least bring them some when I returned the empty bowl.
The cake went over well with Michael and Norris and then Michael rushed off to band while Norris chatted with a friend who had called to wish him a good day.  I carefully cut five slices of cake, arranged them on a plate, topped each of them with a dollop of applesauce and a dab of whipped cream, and set out for the neighbours’.
Nanuq got excited when I started putting on my boots.  I told him to stay in the house and tried to slip outside, but he managed to weasel his way out.  I made him go back inside, and he slunk in, tail down.  Well, perhaps that was bad karma for me…
Joanne’s son was on their back deck, and as I stepped from our driveway into theirs, I called out to him.  I hope he didn’t actually hear me because the next word out of my mouth was, "Crap!", as I suddenly found myself face-down on the snowy ground, the hand bearing the cake stretched out in front of me.  Since I was wearing my hard-core Sorel boots, I have no idea how I slipped and fell, but there I was – without a coat on – lying in the snow.  All five pieces of cake were still on the plate, but they had been transformed into a single blob of dessert-like substance.
And so I picked myself up off the ground, licked off a bit of whipped cream from my wrist, limped up the front stairs, and let myself back into my house.  I won’t be bringing cake to the neighbours, but at least Michael and Norris will have more to enjoy.

2 Responses to “They won’t eat cake”

  1. Uncheck box & type name January 9, 2007 at 10:13 am #

    Happy new year!!! i was SO happy to get your xmas letter and to see that you hadn\’t given up on me yet!! i had my computer stolen last year (long story) and lost my entire address book…. anyhow, so here i am and thought i would say hi via your blog!
    first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! jade is absolutely gorgeous!! it must have been such a crazy year for both you and Michael! with the move and everything! Gosh i don\’t know how you kept it all together! 🙂  it certainly sounds like you guys are happy and enjoying life which is so wonderful to see!
    things are going well on my side… i am still in Montreal working for Bell.  i have been here 2 years now! i can\’t believe how fast time flies!  i spent xmas in mexico with my mom and stepdad so that was nice and was back here for new year\’s eve.  i had some friends coming in from toronto and we welcomed the new year at a house party!  apart from that, i\’m not married yet, no kids, and no steady bfriend 🙂  so nothing has really changed! 🙂 i did start dating someone a month ago, but it\’s really way too soon to say anything about that.  i am still enjoying my work at bell – there are a lot of opportunities for development which is great and i just got myself a car before xmas (i had been 2 years without one) as i want to start riding again. so i am really looking forward to do that.
    well i best get back to work, but i wanted to say a big HELLO!! i hope you guys are doing well!! and please email me so that i get your email address again and phone number!
    hope to hear from you soon!
    Martina xoxo

  2. Nemmy January 10, 2007 at 4:24 am #

    Aw… dessert lump…

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