Michael is meandering again and other nonsense

14 Jan
It’s been a busy week.  The Yukon Midwifery Lobby Group met again at my house on Thursday, and we got a chance to meet two local midwives this time.  It was interesting to meet them and learn a bit about their philosophies. 
Yesterday, we took Jade to the Canada Games Centre and let her play in the indoor playground.  It’s a really neat space, with padded floors, slides, monkey bars, padded building blocks, and the ultimate entertainment, other kids.  Jade was, of course, the youngest one there, but the other kids were all great about being careful around her and even trying to include her in their play.  Two kids who were making a fort out of the big padded blocks invited her to come in when she peeked at them.  She decided not to venture in, but I think the kids got some smiles out of her.  Jade loved climbing through the tunnels under the play structures and she really enjoyed the slides.  She had a big smile on her face whenever we swooshed her down one, and then she would turn around and try to climb up again.
It might be a while before we get to go up there again because Michael is off to the NWT with our car, which means I am somewhat stranded.  Only somewhat, though.  For one thing, there is always the bus if I get desperate.  But I also have great friends who have offered to take me around to various places I need to go.  This week, Jen (from a few streets over) and her little daughter are going to pick us up and the four of us will go to the daycare that both girls will soon be attending.  The two girls will get a chance to orient themselves to the daycare setting with some familiar faces around.  I figure I’ll stay with Jade for a couple of hours on Tuesday, and then we’ll take her in for the whole of Thursday morning.  I will find someplace to be and hopefully I won’t be too emotional over it.
Janet has also offered to take me on her next visit to Walmart and Jen offered to pick up some groceries when she went out today.  So, with a little help from my friends, I should be able to get by just fine.
Having Norris in the house is good, too.  It means I won’t be as likely to resort to opening a can of soup for supper and I’ll be more likely to keep the house tidy.  Actually, Norris barbequed our dinner tonight and did the dishes while I was putting Jade through her bath and bed routine, so I can’t even take any credit for the good dinner and the clean kitchen.
Afterward, I practically didn’t know what to do with myself, since Michael and I have been watching Smallville every night for the past week.  I decided it was time to clean out my e-mail Inbox (which has been neglected because I have so much spam that I hate dealing with my e-mail).  I have decided to switch from canada.com to gmail, so for those of you who e-mail me, update your address books!  The first part of the e-mail address is still the same, just finish it with gmail.com.
I’m not getting very far, though.  I keep being distracted by other websites and blogs that I haven’t visited in ages because of our trip down south.  Oh yes, and the battery died on my laptop (without warning me to plug in!) and I lost a bunch of stuff I was working on, including an e-mail to my Oma.  That’s particularly frustrating because writing in German is HARD WORK for me.  *sigh*  Technology.
Well, it’s getting late and I suppose I ought to be getting to bed soon.  Jade’s been in bed for several hours now (she’s been so good since we got back from down south!  Touch wood…) and you would think I would have gotten more done by now, but I have been completely unmotivated to do anything for ages now.  I suppose if I just started to do something, more action would follow.  Maybe I’ll be so motivated, I’ll even have my suitcase unpacked and all the closets re-organized by the time Michael gets back.
Right.  And maybe Nanuq will serve me breakfast in bed tomorrow morning…

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