Snotty-nosed kids and rainbow laughter

15 Jan
Poor miss Jade seems to have come down with a cold.  She has nasal congestion that causes her breathing to sound as though she were underwater, particularly when her mouth is full of something (like a boob, for example).  Michael actually had to leave the bedroom yesterday morning because he couldn’t sleep through her usual first-thing-in-the-morning feed in bed with us.  At one point later in the morning, she sneezed, which caused the formation of an enormous snot bubble.  She seemed very surprised and tried to grab the bubble that was stuck to her face, with predictable consequences.
She seems to have even more snot today, but it hasn’t slowed her down an iota.  I’ve tried to aspirate her nose, but she hates that thing and cries when I spend too much time wiping her nose.  I suppose I ought to just leave it alone — there’s nothing really wrong with letting her nose get all crusty, other than people (including me) hate to look at it.  But forcing her to let me wipe her nose (when it really isn’t medically necessary, after all) seems like a violation of her body.  *sigh*  I clearly am way over-analyizing the whole situation.  Can you believe I actually haven’t had to deal with this yet?
On a less gross note, Jade’s new trick these past two weeks (besides talking incessantly, her new favourite words being "doo, doo, doo", and "nun, nun, nun") is to giggle and chortle like a mad being for — apparently — no reason at all.  She’ll jump up and down on the couch, laughing her head off, she screeches when the dog walks in our direction, she shrieks when she sees other kids running around, and guffaws when I sing along to the music from her car toy.  She loves being tickled and thrown in the air, and we can’t do it enough because who can get tired of hearing baby giggles?  The sound of our baby laughing fills my head with rainbows… the most beautiful sound in the world.

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