Random Update

19 Jan
Well, it looks like I’ll have to live without my computer for a couple of weeks. The whole Windows installation thing got very complicated because of the fact that my CD-ROM doesn’t work (and hasn’t for months). Norris has got a few ideas for getting it back up and running, but we’ll have to wait for some parts. In the meantime, Geof, you’ll be happy to know that I am using Norris’s Mac for Internet access. Unfortunately, because I’m NOT using Internet Explorer, it seems I can’t add any links to this post. That’s what I get for using a Microsoft-blog site, I guess.

It’s been a busy week. On Tuesday we went to the daycare that Jade will be starting in on the 31st. We spent the morning there and she really enjoyed playing with the toys and interacting with the other kids. Unfortunately, she refused to have a nap there (and just sat playing in the playpen) even though she was definitely tired. I gave her an early lunch and Jen and I left with our kids at 12:15. Jade fell asleep pretty much the instant the vehicle started, so the rest of the day was totally thrown off in terms of napping.

On Wednesday, Asheya and I paid a visit to Arthur Mitchell, leader of the Yukon Liberal Party (and official opposition) and also, by chance, the MLA of my riding. I was impressed that he remembered me from the two times he came to our door campaigning (he even remembered that when we first met, I was too new to the Yukon to vote). We went to tell him about the Yukon Midwifery Lobby Group and ask for his support. He was extremely positive about it and gave us some great ideas about people to talk to and next steps to consider. Now that we know that the Liberals and the NDP are in support, we just need to finally get a chance to meet with the Minister of Health. It’s been a challenge trying to book a meeting with him.

Yesterday Jade and I took the bus downtown for one of our last visits to the Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program. Next week will be the last time we’ll be eligible to go to the drop-in, as the following week is the one in which Jade turns 1. Because I had to catch the bus, I ended up having to wake Jade from a nap, which made be feel like a total heel. There she was, lying with her blankie over her face and her arms thrown over her head, relaxed as can be. I quietly undid her Grobag and started to put her socks on her, which woke her up. It was the most pitiful, sad-sounding crying and I felt SO mean. Once I got her dressed and outside, though, she was fine, if a bit zoned. I gave her a bottle of formula since I couldn’t easkly breastfeed her while wearing the amauti (although apparently, this is one of the things Inuit women, in fact, do). She sucked back most of the 9 oz. bottle; she certainly is making up for all those months when she would only take an ounce or two. I had bought some new "tri-cut" nipples for the bottles so that we could avoid future "nipple-implosion" incidents like the one Michael experienced a few weeks ago. I had some trouble with the nipple itself getting sucked into the bottle, though, as it’s much softer than the original nipple. I don’t think the bottle was properly vented, and I have a theory as to why, so I will test it at Jade’s next bottle-feeding. I’ve got to work out these kinks before I send her to the daycare.

After a quick visit to my office to say hello to my co-workers, we headed to the Women’s Centre for the drop in. Jade very much enjoyed the lentil and carrot soup (although I paid for it in very full diapers this morning) and we also managed to get her weighed. I left her clothes and diaper on and she had just had a large lunch, and she kept moving so that the scale couldn’t quite decide on a number, but it fluctuated between 18 lbs 12 oz and 18 lbs 14.5 oz. Anyway, at least I’m pretty sure that she’s over 18 lbs!

In the evening, I ended up having to walk over to the Air North cargo building to send a package to Michael. He ordered a computer for a friend in Nahanni Butte a few weeks ago but it didn’t arrive until after he left, so I shipped it off to Fort Simpson so that he can pick it up when he passes through there tomorrow. The walk was a bit longer than I had anticipated, although it wouldn’t have been bad at all if it hadn’t been for a south wind on the Alaska Highway that kept my eyes full of snow. Jade’s cheeks were cherry red by the time we got home an hour and a half later.

Today we went for a walk with Nanuq after lunch and it was wonderfully sunny and a balmy -4.3 degrees. Much nicer than last night’s trek! Jade giggled and babbled as she watched Nanuq frolicking. During the last leg of our walk I had to duck under a number of snowy trees and some of it ended up falling down on her. I looked back and tried to brush it off her because I didn’t want her to get cold, but she had happily sucked a bunch off the chinstrap of her hat and giggled and chortled over such a delightful treat. (This is much better than her usual source of "popsicles" — from the balls of snow that fall off our boots by the front door.) It seems she enjoys the snow.

I’ve managed to get a couple of good videos of Jade recently (a hilarious one today of Jade and Nanuq playing music together) and I’ll upload them to the DropShots site just as soon as I have a computer again. (I don’t think I ought to install software onto Norris’s machine.) I’ve been using Norris’s camera because Michael insisted on taking ours on his trip. That’s fine except that I missed a couple of great shots on the first day of Michael’s trip because the camera was in a still-sleeping Norris’s room. First she crawled on top of the pile of clean laundry in a laundry basket and hugged her freshly washed snowsuit, then she crawled off again and repeated the procedure. Then she emptied all the toys out of the toy bin and climbed in, as if she were in a small boat. Moments like these really make me wonder how I can go back to work.

On the other hand, I’m actually pretty excited about the new job I’ll be doing when I do go back. The business analysis course I took back in September was very interesting and I’m looking forward to putting some new techniques to work. Plus, the instructor is actually coming back to help one of the other government departments get started on a business analysis project and it looks like I might be allowed to sit in on some sessions, so I’m looking forward to that. Gosh, I feel like I’m an enthusiastic geek back in school again. No wonder I got picked on in elementary school!

Well, I’ll get off the computer now as Norris has finished eating his (late) lunch and he’ll need it back.


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