…with a good ending

22 Jan
Jade had a great morning at the daycare. Cheryl, one of the caregivers, said that she played with her new friend Riley and the only time she cried (a little) was when she was put down for her nap. But she ended up sleeping for an hour (woohoo!) and picked all the carrots and tomatoes out of the curry she had for lunch.

All the activity didn’t disturb Jade’s afternoon nap, either, which was another worry I’d had. She definitely stayed a bit closer to me when we played this afternoon, but she wasn’t too bad — no crying when I put her down on the floor, for example.

She had a great time playing with Nanuq. He would go from the living room to the kitchen and she would crawl after him. Then he would turn around and come back to the living room and she would screech and giggle and chase him the other way. Then he started chewing on a rawhide and she would take it away from him (because all toys belong to her, of course) and he would gently take it back from her, which would make her screech and throw her arms around my neck, as this was the absolute height of hilarity.

By bedtime I could see the effects of her stimulating morning, so I think I may need to give her an earlier bedtime once she starts doing full days of daycare. I can see how I’ll appreciate my time with her all the more when I haven’t seen her all day. But I don’t think the days will be as hard to put in when I’m occupied with my job as opposed to trying to keep busy with house chores. Overall, though, it was a great experiment and a great experience.


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