Michael’s back! and other stuff

27 Jan
And besides being really glad to have him back home, it means I might get to blog a little more regularly.  Norris is an Internet addict and every minute that I’m on his computer, I feel the pressure of his withdrawal symptoms goading me.
Jade and I both have nasty colds, but hers is definitely worse than mine.  Besides the fact that doesn’t yet know how to blow her nose (which makes breast-feeding a very breathless experience, and speaks to how important it is to her that she’ll keep at it even though she has to gasp for breath after every few sucks), she has an awful cough that rattles her little chest.  This morning when she woke up she had a temperature of 39.1 C.  Janet had been telling us a few weeks ago (when Jacob got scarlet fever) that any temperature about 38.5 C is a concern because of the risk of febrile seizures.  So we got ready to go to the hospital.  Michael decided to have a quick shower and I gave Jade some acetominephan and tried to get a bit of breakfast into her, since who knew how long we’d be at Emerg.
By the time we were ready to go and I took Jade’s temperature again, it was down to 38.2 C.  An hour later is was back in normal range at 36.3 C.  So we managed to avoid the hospital and Jade even managed to have some pretty normal active hours in between her naps (of which she had three today).  She’s not eating much but she’s nursing a lot, so at least she’s getting plenty of fluids.
But it is so sad to have the baby monitor on and hear her coughing in her sleep. 😦
Michael is out tonight.  He’s playing at a "Dessert and Dance" with the Big Band.  I really wanted to go but since he had to leave at 6:45 and I still had to get Jade to bed, I’m once again stuck at home without a car to get to where I want to go.  Since she went down pretty easily, I figured it would be safe to go out (with Norris keeping an ear out), so I called some friends but nobody was available.  I know, last-minute on Saturday night, what was I thinking?  Well, I just couldn’t decide to go out any earlier because I wasn’t sure how Jade would be doing.  It’s now after 10 and Michael should be about wrapping things up and Jade has slept right through the whole time.  Grrr, sometimes we really do need another vehicle!  If only the layout of the city didn’t make people so car-dependent.
As you may have noticed, I’ve posted some pictures from December, including the pics from our trip south.  I couldn’t do it any earlier, as the pictures were all on Michael’s computer, which was, of course, on the road with him.  I’ll try to get to the Christmas photos soon, and then I’ll be on to January — and caught up!

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  1. Norris February 5, 2007 at 11:05 pm #

    No I\’m not!!! (Sign of a true addict)

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