First day of work

31 Jan
I meant to post an entry yesterday about Jade’s birthday but I never got a chance to get on a computer, since Michael and Norris were always working anytime I was home.  The good news is that my laptop is now working again!  (Plus it’s been upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP.  Hey, it’s not Mac, but it’s better than before.)  Hurray!  Thank you, Norris!
Of course, I am now also back at work again, which means I actually have more reliable access to the Internet than I did while I was at home.  And I can even take "breaks" (what were those, again?) once in a while and do things like "blog" and "e-mail".
So I’m in a new job and in a new spot at the office — I have a window now!  I mut be moving up in the world!  (Oh my!  This entry is full of exclamations!!!! Let’s add some more!  Be!cause if a few are good!, then more must be better!!!)  I’ll be taking a pay cut because even though I’m a job level higher, I will be working only 4 days a week and for now I don’t want to do flex time because I don’t want to try to squeeze in the extra hours of work.  It’s hard enough to get Jade up and ready so that I can be here at 8:30, and then get home in time to try to help get dinner on the table by 6:00.  Maybe in a few months I’ll consider it…
Anyway, I really had better get back to work now…

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