Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

7 Feb
Jade has been feeling much better the past few days.  She was in a good mood all day on Monday and again yesterday.  I dropped her off at the daycare and she seemed to recognize the place but wasn’t worried at all. 
I picked her up again at 11:20 to take her to her 12-month-checkup with Dr. Ikeji.  She was happy to see me, but not in a frantic way, and she wasn’t overtired despite having skipped her morning nap.  She stayed happy during her checkup, and Dr. Ikeji declared that she was doing very well — good height (75 cm), weight (8 lbs. 6 oz.), and head circumference (46 cm) — except that her right ear is still a bit infected and we now have to treat her for a minor yeast infection (probably caused by the antibiotics, despite the yogurt I’ve been feeding her).
Back at the daycare she stayed happy and had a normal afternoon nap (apparently not needing to make up for missing the morning nap).  When I picked her up at 4:45, she was busy watching the singing and dancing Valentine’s bears in the foyer.  She didn’t even notice I had come in until I went right up to her and said hi.
This morning, we got her to daycare and I handed her into the arms of one of the caregivers.  She didn’t even look at me as I said goodbye, just busied herself with all the activity going on around her.
Really, the fact that she’s so happy and seems already to have adjusted so well is just a tiny bit heartbreaking.  On the whole I’m glad, of course, that she’s doing so well.  But at the same time I can’t really believe that things can just be so perfect — I’m just waiting for something to go wrong!
In a completely unrelated note, choosing the title for this post made me wonder where the expression came from.  I found this article to explain its origins.

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