Do Mi Mi, Mi So So…

8 Feb
The title of this blog posting was supposed to be "Do, a deer", but Michael correctly pointed out that while I mean for "Do" to be pronounced "Dough", it will look "Doo".  And "Doh" an "Doe" just weren’t acceptable alternatives to me.  *sigh*  English is such a silly language.
Last weekend I got a call from Danielle, who usually provides the music for the French Sunday mass.  I helped out as accompanist for the Christmas choir this year and she was calling to ask for my services again, this time for a non-church event.  There’s a dinner and sing-along event happening at the French association this weekend and she will be providing some of the entertainment.  She wanted to know whether I would be willing to accompany her.  I quickly agreed because it’s always fun to have new musical projects.  After I agreed, she even sweetened the deal by saying the entertainers are being paid $100, which we could share.  Sweet!
Danielle came over yesterday evening so that we could practice the pieces she wants to perform.  A few of them came with guitar chords rather than sheet music, so we had a bit of fun playing around with them.  But it got very confusing for me when she would refer to notes on the piano as "La" "So" or "Mi" rather than A, G, or E.  She switched to using letters to oblige me, but since this issue came up at Christmas, I decided tonight (as I was walking Nanuq) to try to learn the "Do Re Mi" system once and for all.
Of course I can sing from a low Do to a high Do with no problems, and I sang "Do, A Deer" all the time as a kid, but actually thinking of these things as notes?  No can do.  (Doo?  Dough?  D’oh!)  In fact, until tonight, I wasn’t able to sing from a high Do to the low one — I’d have to stop and think of the forward order and mentally reverse them.
So as I walked the dog I practiced.  It was pretty dark, but I don’t think anyone else was around.  If there was anyone, I’m sure they thought I was stark raving mad and ran the other way as I waved my mittened hand in the air, pretending to play the piano, mentally picturing the keys and singing, "Do Ti La So Fa Mi Re Do! Do Mi Re Fa Mi So Fa La So Ti Ti Do!" and all sorts of other combinations. 
I usually enjoy my walks with Nanuq, but somehow the extra mental exercise I got out of doing this made it even more satisfying.  Maybe I need to take up Sudoku while walking…

3 Responses to “Do Mi Mi, Mi So So…”

  1. Nemmy February 9, 2007 at 4:39 am #

    Maybe a comma or quotation marks would have cleared up the "Do"?

  2. Fawn February 9, 2007 at 8:25 am #

    Nah, I tried that.  It just made Michael laugh even harder.  Admit it, it STILL looks like "doo" even in quotes.

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