“I don’t recycle”

9 Feb
I went into the office of a colleague and noticed that her trash can is full of paper.  I teased her by saying she needed to get a recycling bin.  She waved her hand dismissively and said, "Oh, you and your recycling.  I never recycle."  WHAT?!  Never?! Ever?!  I don’t get it.  The recycling bins are practically outside her door (okay, they’re just down the hall, but still).
I just don’t get the mind-set at all.  I know that this person (who is a fantastic co-worker, by the way) also regularly throws out clothes, and ALL the dark meat on the turkey.  Aagh!  Such waste!  When there are starving children in [pick your country]!  Not to mention that our cities are disappearing under mounds of garbage while the ozone layer deteriorates to a wisp and polar bears get skinnier every year…
My mind is so boggled that I have typed half a dozen sentences trying to describe how I feel about it, and I’ve deleted them all because none of them made any sense.
Readers, if any of you are of the non-recycling ilk, or know someone who is, please post a comment to explain how anyone can totally dismiss the whole IDEA of recycling and not worry about it.

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