The pitter-patter of little feet.

11 Feb
Jade has a pair of magic socks.  They’re baby "Roots" socks that Tammy and Tom gave her for her birthday.  Today when she was wearing them, they helped her take her first steps!
We went over to Hugh and Anissa’s house to partake in some hot-tub therapy after they had brunch at our place.  Jade really seemed to enjoy being in the warm water and was busy "swimming" from one person to the next the whole time.  After we got out, we all gathered in the living room for some refreshments — hey, being in a hot tub is hard work.
Jade was standing at the coffee table eating Cheerios and then she turned around and saw me sitting on the couch behind her.  She took a step and let go of the coffee table, and then another step that took her right up to my knees.  We all cheered, which delighted her.  Afterwards, she tried again, taking 2 or 3 steps (actual WALKING!) each time.
The really funny part is that just this morning when Jade tried to take a step from one of the chairs and fell forward onto me, I commented to Michael that she really didn’t have the balance for it yet, (even though up until this morning, I’d been convinced that she could have been walking months ago, she’s so steady on the furniture, but just hasn’t been interested in trying).  Now she won’t be the only one in her daycare group (besides the 8-month-old) who isn’t walking — I’m sure she’ll be running around with them in no time.
They say walking usually starts between 10 and 14 months, so she’s right in the middle.  I know it’s not astonishing, but I’m SO proud of her!

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