Tummy Trouble

16 Feb
I feel much better today, thank you.
Two nights ago, I developed a sudden and unpleasant illness.  About an hour after supper, I started getting stomachaches and waves of nausea.  Since Norris and I had eaten the same thing and he was just fine, I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.  Anyway, the short story is that my evening culminated in throwing up all over the bed (like a child), having been caught unprepared because I can’t even remember the last time I actually threw up.  (That time while I was pregnant doesn’t count because almost nothing came up.)  Michael is in Edmonton at the moment and I was actually online with him on Skype at the time.  Thank God the camera wasn’t on.
After stripping the bed right down (including the cover of our foam mattress, and then cleaning the foam itself) and throwing everything into the washing machine, I spent the night on the couch with Crook curled up against me.  That is, except for the three times I got up to attend to Jade, because she kept waking up.
I thought I felt good as new in the morning but by the time I got to work, I was starting to feel a bit sensitive again.  I probably would have stuck it out in pre-baby days, but as I got dizzier throughout the day, the thought of picking up a possibly cranky child from daycare and then going through the machinations of getting her home, making her supper while having her stubbornly stuck to my hip, feeding her, bathing her, and getting her to bed before preparing for the next day… well, let’s just say I realized I needed to get some sleep before going through all that.
An hour and a half of rest in the afternoon and putting myself to bed by 9:30 last night.  I feel like a new woman today!

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