A felonious monk

18 Feb
Yesterday I was on the phone with a pregnant friend and the conversation inevitably turned to baby names and how she and her husband were having trouble agreeing on unique versus traditional names.
She told me a story about laughing about a friend’s choice of potential name for their baby: Cooper.  She had burst out laughing and then was horrified to realize her friend was serious.  The thing is, she didn’t hear "Cooper"; she had heard "Pooper".  (That might have been apt, of course.)
My friend also told me her husband’s current favourite for a boy’s name: Felonious.  I snorted and said, "Doesn’t that just sound like a bad adjective?"She said she thought it was okay but there wouldn’t be a good nickname for the kid.  I therefore felt terrible for having actually voiced my less-than-positive reaction and wondered if "felonious" was actually a word and whether my mind was playing tricks on me.
As I was doing the dishes in the evening, I suddenly realized that what she must have said was THELONIOUS.  Which, I must say, I like much better.

2 Responses to “A felonious monk”

  1. Unknown February 22, 2007 at 11:46 am #

    For the record: "Felonious" is a word. It is a modifier which–according to Websters New World Dictionary–means "wicked; base" or it is a legal term "of, like, or constituting a felony". Felonious is synonymous with "unlawful, nefarious, criminal"; see also "illegal, wicked, harmful, indictable, knavish, murderous". I hate to comment on baby names, but this is not one I would saddle my kid with. Even if this child is already born, it isn\’t too late to change.
    However, there is an interesting true story in "Blink" (by Malcolm Gladwell) about two boys: one named "Winner" and the other "Loser". Winner became a career criminal and Loser became a well-respected police officer. So perhaps Felonious will grow up to be Prime Minister. Personally, I still wouldn\’t call anyone that from birth.
    The most poorly-named person I have ever met (and I have met three Bunnies, two Roaches, a Squirrel, and a Fagina) is Latrine (which refers to "toilet, privy, etc.") Nevertheless, she was a pretty nice person.

  2. Anne-Marie February 27, 2007 at 10:47 am #

    Hey! Just passing by!
    I think it\’s pretty cool you work at the French association of Yukon….I suppose you speak French, then. Merveilleux!
    Visit my space if you feel like it!
    Big hug to your little Jade!
    Bonne journée et à bientôt! 🙂
    Anne from Ontario.

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