Jade Update

18 Feb
So I haven’t made an update in a while (other than announcing Jade’s first steps) and it occurred to me that I have never told the Internet about how Jade can now get off the couch and our bed by herself.  So I figured it was time for a full-on update post.
Since starting daycare, she also tries to dance by herself (she shakes her head a lot!) and just this week she started clapping her hands.  Hand-clapping, by the way, is one of those skills that babies are supposed to start doing around 8 months or something, and although she’s long had the hand control for it, it’s like it never occurred to her to try.  Now she claps her hands when she’s done eating, when we listen to music, and when other people are clapping. 
Today I went to a "general orientation" for Canada Winter Games volunteers (which was fun, but unfortunately didn’t give me any information I didn’t already know).  I took Jade with me, a bit worried that she might get cranky if she got tired, but she was great.  After she got comfortable in the room she even started crawling to other people and pushing the chairs around.  The best part, though, was when Yuka, the CWG mascot for Yukon, came to visit.  I guess he must have looked like a giant stuffed animal to her — she loves stuffed animals.  When she saw him at the front of the room, she held both arms out to him, wanting to grab him.  Yuka came around to shake hands with each person who attended the orientation, and when he got to us, Jade practically jumped into his arms (and got her head in his mouth, too, brave girl!). There was a very loud collective, "Awwww!" as Yuka hugged her back.
The other exciting development was some progress in Jade’s walking.  Up to now she has taken 2 or 3 faltering steps into our waiting arms, pitching forward as she went.  Today, she was holding a toy in each hand when she stood up, took two steps, swayed for a moment, then took four more steps before crouching down again.  I gave her a lot of praise and she looked enormously pleased with herself.  Way to go, Jade!

One Response to “Jade Update”

  1. Meandering February 18, 2007 at 10:39 pm #

    I taught her how to clap just before I left for Edmonton.  Smart kid!  She catches on quickly!

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