Square fits in round hole

5 Mar
Following are copious amounts of information about Jade… and little else.
Today Jade decided that crawling is baby stuff.  Okay, well, she hasn’t given up crawling just yet, but it’s amazing how much more walking she was suddenly doing today, compared to just yesterday.  Up until today, she would walk a few steps, most times when we set her down on her feet a short distance away from us.  Sometimes she would keep her legs perpendicular to her body (that is, parallel to the floor) so that we couldn’t set her down on her feet.  Today, she walked the entire length of the hall from Michael’s office to the middle of the kitchen.  She had to sit down three times when she lost her balance, but she got right up and kept walking.  And she kept practicing all day.
It won’t be long before she’ll be dancing on her own two feet.  Right now she bops to whatever music she hears, either sitting or kneeling, and often contributing her own music.  Maybe this early start to dancing will mean she’ll be more coordinated on the dance floor than I am.  (Here’s hoping…!)
One of Jade’s favourite toys this week is her play kitchen, which was donated to us by a mom who decided her daughter had outgrown it.  It comes with a pot and frying pan and when you put one of them on the "burner", the toy emits the sound of either boiling water (for the pot) or frying, well, something greasy, anyway (for the pan).  You can also turn the timer on and hear a ticking noise and the "ding" of a bell.  The timer lasts exactly 5 seconds, which is more than enough time to boil an imaginary egg.  The fridge also has an "ice cube dispenser" that dispenses three peculiarly-shaped and coloured ice cubes: a purple circle, a green triangle, and a blue square.  There are corresponding holes for the "cubes" to go in, and I’ve tried to teach Jade which goes where, but she made the discovery that all three shapes fit through the round hole.  Still, I think it’s amazing that she’s become coordinated enough to put any shape through any hole!  Jade has other toys where the goal is to fit a shape through a hole (or a ring on a post), but right now all the parts to all her toys are scattered all over the house.  I’ll have to gather them together and see how far she gets with putting a square through a round hole then!
Speaking of rings on posts, the rings from the stacking toy are also a current favourite of Jade’s.  She loves to put her hands through the rings and wearing them on her arms, only to pull them off and put them back on again.  While snooping through my bedside drawer, she even found the "milk band" bracelet I wore for months when I was doing more breastfeeding.  She put that on her little arm and I had carried her all the way upstairs before I realized she had it on.  She left it on the floor, where Crook discovered it and decided it was a great toy, too.
I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much Jade likes to look at pictures.  This has been a favourite game since 6 or 7 months.  The first picture Jade really reacted to was the one of herself on Michael’s hand, one of the formal pictures we had taken of her (at Wal-Mart) when she was 11 weeks old.  She would smile, chuckle, and bang on the glass when I held her up to her picture.  I have a wall with family pictures that Jade really loves.  She’ll point to each picture in turn, asking me to take her closer to it.  Her two favourites are the one of Gran and Buddy (Marian and Jim) and the one of Crook and Nanuq. 
By the way, I realize that I’m getting a bit long-winded here.  I constantly find it amazing how I can chatter on and on about Jade’s achievements, even though I know they’re not out of the ordinary.  Do forgive me for being a wide-eyed first-time mom, enchanted by the constant changes and accomplishments that are wrought over the course of a single year. 
Now with that out of the way, I must also note that we think (we THINK!) that Jade is finally getting a tooth!  Michael and I can both feel some sharpness on Jade’s bottom gums, although there is as yet nothing to see.  We’ve had false alarms before, but this is a new-feeling bump… and for crying out loud, she’s 13 months and it really is about time!  I’m not complaining (especially since I’m still breastfeeding) but the delay in tooth-growing is really rather laughable when she was the first one out of our pre-natal group to be born and appears to be the only one with no teeth yet.  The one thing I’m really looking forward to is the possibility that getting her front teeth will somewhat expand our meal-preparation options.
This has been your Jade report.

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