Boo Boo Dolls

8 Mar

As I was browsing through my blog stats, I happened upon a posting a made over a year ago about getting rid of stuffed animals.  I had already gotten rid of a bunch of them, including a pink rabbit that was one of my very first gifts, and a blue lion that was literally falling to pieces.  I wish I had at least taken pictures of them before sending them packing, but I didn’t think of it at the time.  However, I wasn’t able to bring myself to get rid of my koala, or the monkey my sister gave me, or the stork, or the…

Well, let’s just say that there are still a few stuffed animals around here that I dont truly need.  Except that I’ve found they have a great use now!

Sometimes when Jade is a bit tired or cranky, the smallest things will set off a storm of tears and wailing.  Most times, the remedy to this is some kind of distraction.  As she gets older, though, it’s harder and harder to find novel items at my fingertips.  But the box of stuffed animals is Magic.  Jade loves stuffed animals.  Getting a "new" one to cuddle is an instant hit and distraction.  I discovered this one day when I was looking for a distraction after Jade had gotten a minor bump, so now I think of the box of banished animals as the box of "Boo Boo dolls".

I don’t know how long the novelty of a new stuffed animal will last, so I am trying to stretch out the effect by putting the animals back in the box after they’ve done their job for a few hours.  I am hoping that this practice will carry me well into the teenage years, because what 15-year-old’s problems can’t be solved by hugging a fuzzy monkey?

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