CWG wraps up

12 Mar
Just to balance things out, I have to make a happier post, too.
The Canada Winter Games are finally over: the medals have all been awarded, and torch is out.  I didn’t get to go see any events, but I still enjoyed my role in the Games.  Last week, I met some really neat people: a guy who organizes the training for the people who fight forest fires in the Yukon, a resident (almost a doctor! And he graduated from high school the same year as Michael!) visiting from Calgary and volunteering in his "spare" time, a fellow who works for the Territorial parks and made me laugh throughout my entire four-hour shift.  On my last few shifts, I actually got a chance to chat with some of the athletes, too, which puts such a warm human face on the whole event.
Then last night (since I didn’t really know yet what Jade has and wasn’t obssessing about it) I headed downtown for the big volunteer party with Great Big Sea.  Because I had to feed Jade supper after getting back from the hospital, and put her to bed myself, since she can’t have milk (one of the foods that tends to exacerbate diarrhea — who knew?), I was a bit late getting downtown.  So I missed The Licorice Whips, who opened the show, as well as all the thank you speeches (although I caught the tail-end of one), but I was just in time to catch the main attraction.
Since Michael wasn’t feeling well, he stayed home and I went alone.  I figured I’d be able to find somebody I knew to hang out with.  I wandered all the length of the enormous ATCO tent and halfway back without seeing anyone.  Fortunately, Marusia’s brother Brendan saw me.  I’m not sure how I missed him, since he must be about 6’5" and was wearing a red cap.  Soon we were joined by Richard (Marusia’s husband, you will recall) and two of their friends.  We were down in the open "dance floor" type area and as the evening progressed I identified quite a few other friends and acquaintances nearby.
Great Big Sea put on a great show!  They played for an hour and a half, but it didn’t feel that long at all.  I wished I knew more of the songs they decided to play (I was quite envious of Brendan who was gamely singing along to everything) but since it’s all eminently danceable, it didn’t really matter that I couldn’t participate vocally.  Oh, wait, I did.  (Yes, there was lots of "Woo-hoo"ing.)  Halfway through the concert, the band played a medley of well-known non-GBS songs, which was extremely fun.  They claimed it was their "birthday" (having played their very first concert on March 11, 1993), which might have just been a gimmick, but the audience all dutifully sang them happy birthday. 
I found the sound level wasn’t that loud, as I could actually converse with Brendan and Richard by only slightly raising my voice, but when I got home my ears were buzzing.  Michael pointed out that the sound was probably louder than I realized because playing in a tent means the sound is seeping out the walls instead of bouncing back down around you.  Good point, Michael.
Anyway, technicalities be darned, it was just a great lot of fun, even if it seemed like a short party to me (that’s what you get for being tardy, my dear).
Speaking of which, I am so late for my bedtime…

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