Everyone is on the mend

15 Mar
Thank you all for your support and well-wishing!  We’re doing a bit better today and hoping to have a good night, too!
I was up until after midnight again last night.  Jade had a mixed-bag kind of a day, and at 6 p.m. I started getting her ready for bed.  I decided to try giving her Motrin instead of Tylenol.  I personally seem to get more out of ibuprofin than from acetaminophen, and the Motrin is supposed to be effective for 8 hours (as opposed to 4, for Tylenol).
Well, prospective mommies and daddies out there, this is your warning not to try a new drug just before bedtime.
I knew it was a possibility, but I didn’t take it very seriously.  Jade certainly didn’t develop a fever, but she was WIRED!  I couldn’t get her to calm down in her room (after letting her cry for a little while), so I popped her onto my lap with a soother and put in a movie, which is not a solution I use often, but generally seems to calm her down.  Nope.  She wasn’t crying, but she wouldn’t stop squirming and wasn’t really happy until I took her out of the Grobag and let her run around.  She proceeded to eat all the soda cracker crumbs off the table, and had a good helping of the stew Michael made for a late dinner, to boot.  She pulled half the children’s books off the shelf (something she has never done before).  She giggled at the people in the movie, at the dog, at nothing in particular.  And she didn’t finally crash until after 10 p.m.
This all would have been somewhat amusing, except that I had been waiting for Jade’s bedtime in order to take Nanuq out for a walk.  Tom and Tammy didn’t have their usual walk with their dog because they had evening plans (their dog usually gets three walks a day!) but Tom kindly stopped by after his hockey game and took Nanuq out for 15 or 20 minutes.  Nanuq wanted more, though.  And so, I finally headed out the door with him at 10:30.
When I got home, I decided to wash my hair since it was desperately needed and I can’t count on getting any time to do it during the day.  Of course, by the time I was ready to dry my hair, Jade had woken up.  So after calming her down and putting her back to sleep, I decided it was too risky to turn on the hair dryer and went to bed with my hair wet.  Which means I had a really bad hair day today.
However, things went well at the doctor’s office.  Jade and Michael both went for follow-ups.  Jade’s fever didn’t show up at all today and her diarrhea is a bit better — I guess we’ll just keep up the bananas, rice, carrots, apples, and other starchy things.  And keep her off milk products for now.  (Yikes!  I really hope she doesn’t have a milk intolerance!)  Michael’s blood-work came back pretty boring (that is, everything was totally normal — thank goodness!) and even though his cough is a bit worse, Dr. Patel figured the best policy for now is watchful waiting.
So it seems that we’re all on the mend.  I hope to go in to work for at least half a day tomorrow.  I absolutely have to go in on Monday and there are things I need to prepare.  I guess if all else fails, I’ll just have to bring Jade with me, which my colleagues would probably think was a hoot.  But it’s just so hard to time things around naps and meals…

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