New! Improved! Fawn ™ now on Facebook!

21 Mar
I’ve had quite a few invitations to Facebook and I was deliberately ignoring them.  I was once a member of Friendster and found it cumbersome and not particularly interesting.  The whole point, to me, seemed to be to make the number of people in your network as high as possible so that you could brag about it.
But recently my sister mentioned that she got on it.  Not only that, but I got a message from a "long-lost" high school friend because he connected with my sister through Facebook.  So I decided to check it out.
It is so easy to use and it’s so fun to go hunting for friends, that I am now (at least temporarily) addicted.  Seldom do I spend several hours surfing the web, especially when I have important things to do, like make a dent in the overflowing kitchen.  But Facebook made me do it.

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