All about Jade

22 Mar
Jade continues to surprise me in all sorts of ways.  This week, for example, her temperature is staying unpredictable.  After two good days of stable temperature, we dropped her off at the daycare again and I tried to catch up on my work.  At 1:30 I got a phone call from the daycare.  Jade had woken up from her nap at 12:15 with a temperature of 101 F (38.3 C), and after giving her Tylenol and waiting an hour, her temperature changed . . . by going up to 103 F (39.4 C).  I went to the daycare, let her nurse for a bit, and then we took her temperature again.  It was down to 102 F (38.9 C), but since that was still high I decided to go to the doctor.  After all, it had been over a week with unpredictable fevers, and I didn’t know whether I should try a different brand of ibuprofin (is it more likely she was reacting to the ibuprofin or to something else in Motrin’s formula?).  What’s more important, lowering a high fever or letting sick person to sleep?
Since Dr. Patel has gone to Africa for a few weeks of well-deserved holidays, I went in to Emergency at the hospital.  It did take more than half an hour to get from the daycare in to triage, but by the time the triage nurse took Jade’s temperature, it was back down to normal.  I was originally going to stay to see a doctor, anyway, but then decided it was better to get home and let Jade sleep, since the fever was gone, anyway. 
But one useful thing did come of the trip.  While in the waiting area, we happened to see Dr. Storey, who performed Jade’s hernia repair surgery, and I said hello, mentioning that Jade is one of his former patients.  He looked her over and I then mentioned that we might have to see him again because of the prolapse.  He said the thing to do was to take a piece of plywood with a hole in it to put over the toilet so that she didn’t have to sit on the edge of the big seat.  (He didn’t know, of course, that we don’t yet put her on the toilet.  I tried once and she hated it.  Anyway, we have a potty for her when she’s ready for it.)  The happy thing I got out of our conversation, though, is that in his opinion, the prolapse would go away on its own.  Hurray!
And in non-medical news…
Jade’s favourite music for the past couple of days has been Norah Jones’s new album "Not Too Late".  Even if she’s cranky, we turn that on and she starts swaying back and forth.  I had to laugh this morning, though.  When we were getting out of bed, Jade was trying to play with my alarm clock, as usual.  She managed to find the "Sleep" button (also as usual).  And then she started waving her little bum around, up and down, to the chorus of the song, which was "My best friend’s giiiirlfriend!  My best friend’s giiiirldfriend!"  Too funny.
The favourite game of the moment is the "put in, take out" game.  This consists of emptying and re-filling any object in and out of any container.  Downstairs, it’s the blocks that Gran gave Jade for Christmas.  In the family room, Michael allowed her to empty a tissue box and refill it (though the tissues were pretty mangled).  In the bathroom, she opened a cupboard, emptied out a box of pantyliners and stuffed them back in (fairly neatly this time)!  The game even continues in the tub (where she stuffs her washcloths into the sour cream container I use to pour water on her back and shoulders).
And I must mention how proud Michael was of Jade yesterday evening when I was cooking dinner.  He had her on his lap at the piano and she picked out four consecutive octaves of A#.  Jade is certainly a girl who is all about finding patterns.

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