In which I end up looking like a fool

23 Mar

I was chatting with a pregnant friend on MSN today.  She was telling me that her belly is measuring about two weeks bigger than expected, so she’ll be getting an extra ultrasound to try to determine the due date.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Fawn says:
no chance of twins…?

Fawn’s friend says:
one thing at a time Fawn!

Fawn says:
Tell that to the mother of twins!  Haha!  But, you’ve probably heard heartbeat by now, anyway.

Fawn’s friend says:
We heard the heart beat for the first time on Monday but she said they have a hard time picking up two this early anyways. We’ll know the whole story next week. Technology is grand!

Fawn says:
Haha! Does that mean you’ll be looking for sex at some time?

I don’t know where my brain is this week, but it certainly isn’t in that space between my ears.


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