Walking is now the preferred mode of transportation

7 Apr
This week Jade made the decision for once and for all that the best way to get around is to walk.  She is well and truly a toddler now!  I sometimes find it astonishing how not gradual some of Jade’s development is.  I never thought that I’d be able to pinpoint a particular day or week where she decided, "This is it!  No more crawling for me."  But that’s the way it is.
We have had to institute a new rule that whatever is on a table-top is off-limits — it’s just too dangerous to let her grab random articles off all the various surfaces in our house.  Of course we’ll try to keep the sharp knives, hot beverages, and other dangerous items way out of reach, but this is, I hope, and additional safety precaution.  So I predict a lot of sharp "NO!"s over the next few weeks… or months.
Today I got to go tobogganing with Jade for the first time.  Michael has taken her out a few times and raved about how much fun she has, squealing down the hills as Nanuq runs along in front or beside, barking and snapping like a wild thing.  It was +10 C in Whitehorse today, and sunny, so when Michael decided to go out for a toboggan run, I figured I’d better tag along, since there won’t be many toboganning days left this year.  Jade did indeed love going down the hills, and Nanuq was definitely having fun, even if he was being pretty obnoxious with the barking and snapping.  We even took a few family runs — three on the sled!  We were all getting a bit wet in the melting snow, but Jade absolutely had to do some walking under her own power.  She made it quite a way up one of the hills by herself, but her leather soles were getting wet and icy and were too slippery for her to stay upright upon.  She kept falling onto her tummy, but that just seemed to make her laugh.  We laughed, too, but quickly lunged to get her when we realized she was trying to eat the snow.  I can already see how much running after her we’re going to be doing once the snow melts.  I’ll have to see if any of the hand-me-down rubber boots we have stashed away fit on her little feet.
We had our Easter dinner tonight since I am going to be flying out to Vancouver tomorrow evening.  Jade enjoyed the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and broccoli, but she especially loved the corn, which I haven’t given to her in a long time because of the, um, BM issues.  After she had eaten all of her corn, she pointed at the serving dish and said (plaintively), "Aaaah!"  The mashed potatoes and turkey still on her plate wouldn’t do.  I asked her, "What do you want?  Some corn?"  and started to dish some out.  She nodded her head and said (or grunted), "Ah!" in a very satisfied and eloquent way.  This is the very best example I have had so far as to how much she can really understand of our conversations.  Amazing!

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