A Jade update written at the airport

8 Apr
None of Jade’s teeth are out yet, but one on top and one on the bottom are looking so imminent, I’m convinced that it’s going to happen in the four days I’ll be missing.  It’s strange, but the crankiness and pain seem to have eased up in the past week or so — shouldn’t it be hurting more now that they’re just about to erupt?  Or perhaps she is yet along stringing us along, and those teeth will actually wait until next month or the month after to REALLY appear.
This morning I realized that Jade actually gets around faster on foot than crawling now.  She circumnavigated the kitchen island without falling once and I was insanely proud as she happily came around the last corner and back to me with a big grin on her face.
Another thing Jade has been doing for several weeks is trying to dress herself.  Well, actually, I don’t know if that’s what she’s doing.  She has been helping us to dress (and undress) her for a month or two, holds out her hands for mittens and her arms for sleeves.  But now she’ll take things and pass them over her head and around the back of her neck.  Or just leave them on top of her head.  I don’t know if she just likes to have things on her head, or if these are the beginnings of doing it, "MYSELF!"
Jade has also taken to lying flat on the ground on her belly, with her head resting on the floor (or sometimes on a ball, which is currently one
of her favourite toys).  Michael used to always take it as a sign that she wants to have a nap, but I’m pretty sure she does it now even when she isn’t tired.  Of course, given that she almost always wakes up at 5:30, it’s possible that she’s just always tired.
Jade’s appetite has *quite* recovered.  She’s been eating a ton the last few days, and enjoys sharing my morning bowl of oatmeal with me.  I mix a bit of baby cereal into her portion to give her a boost of iron, but that’s the last vestige of baby food now.  She also drank a ton of juice and milk yesterday.  And apparently she saved it for the night.  This morning, when I took her out of the crib, her disposable diaper was so saturated that her undershirt and sleeper were soaked through all the way up to her chest.  I don’t know exactly how much liquid one of those disposable diapers can hold, but it’s quite a lot.  And she peed more than that.  Is it too early to toilet train?

One Response to “A Jade update written at the airport”

  1. Selena April 9, 2007 at 12:33 am #

    Mom tells me I was just a year old when I was potty trained. Then again, I was (uh… am?) brilliant. Then again, Jade sounds pretty darn intelligent herself, so I don\’t see why not. I also figured out the child safety locks on the cupboards. Has she done that? Then again, I also scattered garbage all over the place and chewed on everything I could get my hands on (including some not pleasant and gross things). Hmmm, on that note, Jade sounds way smarter than I was at her age. It took me years to get into shoes. Ah, beloved shoes… Yes – smart girl, that Jade. And fashionable, too. Anyways, I\’d give it a shot! FYI, I\’m practicing being my usual self for Tuesday… 😛 

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