Written in Notepad at the airport

8 Apr
I am at the Whitehorse airport, waiting for the call to board.  It was quite a busy day.
In the morning, there was church, where I accompanied the small choir on the piano during the French Easter mass.  Michael and Jade came along, so Jade missed her morning nap, but she enjoyed visiting with everyone at the church, and they all seemed to enjoy her, too!  Since she has decided to start walking, it means I can finally start putting her in dresses again.  She has an adorable one from Gran that she got quite a while ago (it says 6-9 months on the tag) but she’s never had a chance to wear it and it’s just the right size now, not to mention the perfect pink for Easter.
After a short visit with the congregation at the rectory, we headed home for lunch and Jade’s much-needed nap.  Not that you would know it from the way she slept.  She sang in her crib for about 45 minutes before finally falling asleep and sleeping only an hour.  We took advantage of her short nap to make a fancy shmancy dish (mashed potatoes…) for the traditional Easter potluck at Lake Laberge.
We headed out for Linda and David’s cabin in the early afternoon and arrived just in time to participate in egg-decorating, egg-hiding, and egg-hunting.  Jade found about a dozen Caramilk eggs and a big plastic egg with goodies inside.  For some reason she loves to hold the Easter eggs and didn’t want to relinquish them to the Jade-sized basket she was given.  She finally did give them up when we put her in the pint-sized rocking chair, which was occupied by three tiny plush bunnies.  She happily rocked in the chair and hugged all three bunnies, getting slightly agitated whenever she dropped one.
We had to leave the festivities fairly early because of my flight to Vancouver tonight.  Jade fell asleep in the car on the way home (no wonder!) much to Michael’s chagrin.  I kissed her goodbye at the airport, but was somewhat unprepared for how emotional I was.  I know she’s in good hands with Michael (and Norris as backup!) but I’ve been WITH her for so long now that I can’t really believe I’m going to be away from her for four WHOLE days.  Thank goodness she loves her Daddy so much, or I would feel even worse.
I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while; I’m excited about the course I’ll be taking, about visiting my godparents, about getting together with Selena, and of course about the shopping possibilities (but only for necessities, of course).  I’m excited about just being *me* without worrying about having to plan meals for a toothless baby and actually getting to sleep a solid 8 (or more?) hours.  But being away from Michael and Jade is taking the gild off things for a little while.
I’m safely ensconced at my hotel now.  It’s late and I’m tired.  I think partly it’s the emotional drain.  As I walked to the airplane, I was conscious of every step taking me further and further from my baby.  But the on-board entertainment distracted me enough that I didn’t have to think about it, and with a quick phone call to Michael to confirm that everything’s okay and that Jade went to bed without an ounce of protest, I feel much better.  Now it’s to bed for me, and ready for my course first thing tomorrow morning.

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