Day 1 in Vancouver

9 Apr
"Darn boobs are such a lot of trouble"
Walking around downtown Vancouver is a bit like being at an amusement park. There are people everywhere, food smells drift out tantalizingly, shops hawk their wares. And for someone who just arrived from Whitehorse in spring, the streets seem preternaturally clean. There’s no dirt or dust, the white lines gleam crisply against the asphalt, and all the vehicles — even the transport trucks — shine in unadulterated glory.
I set out this evening to look for a snack. My Quiznos sub at 6:00 p.m. was tasty (redeeming the chain from my last experience, although it was really my own fault for choosing poorly… I ought to know by now that I don’t like honey mustard, but they just made it SOUND so GOOD!) but didn’t last past 8:00 in the fillingness department. Norris suggested a place on Robson, so I headed out in that direction. I never did find the place he recommended, but I did find a "Crepe Cafe". I went in intending to have a crepe, but ended up ordering a panini instead. And a San Pellegrino Limonata to drink. Mmmmm! Hit the spot perfectly.
My course was a bit of a wash. The morning started out fine, but just before lunch we hit a technical snag that never did get resolved. So we ended up adjourning around 3:00. The plan is to make up for it over the next two days, something I’m not particularly looking forward to, but oh well, c’est la vie, and all that. I took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping and knocked a lot of things off my list (plus one or two extras, besides).
Now my feet and legs are killing me — I’m not used to this kind of activity! I used to enjoy shopping a lot more. Now I’d rather just find the things I want instantly.
One challenge I had was finding a bra that I’ll be able to wear with the halter top that is part of the bridesmaids’ "dress" for Nem’s wedding. The old strapless doesn’t fit anymore, but the halter top has quite a plunging neckline. I found the "U-Bra" I’ve seen advertised (first seen by me, strangely enough, in Orillia), and it actually is surprisingly supportive and comfy, but after I tried it on I realized it would be no good to me because the straps can’t be reconfigured to deal with the halter-top style. I finally ended up finding a decent strapless bra at La Senza that I think will do the trick.
Anyway, the really tricky part was that as the day wore on, I realized more and more that breastfeeing Jade a couple of times a day really makes a difference. By the end of the day, I actually had a visible lump in one of my breasts from the backup I’m experiencing. I actually had to take emergency measures to ensure I wouldn’t be, well, leaking into the bras I was trying on. ‘Cause how rude would THAT be?
There are full days ahead (no pun intended). I’m meeting Selena tomorrow night for dinner (hurray!), Norris’s parents on Wednesday evening, and I hope to spend most of Thursday with my godparents. Oh yes, and there’s the matter of that course…

One Response to “Day 1 in Vancouver”

  1. Nemmy April 10, 2007 at 8:24 am #

    I\’m sorry the plungingness of the neckline caused such a kafuffle! (I make up words good)

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