Have you hugged a midwife today?

5 May
To celebrate, the advocacy group I’m involved with (Yukoners for Funded Midwifery) organized an information event downtown.  Alpine Bakery donated great food and Aroma Borealis contributed tea.  The Salvation Army loaned us some tables to use and PSAC let us use their sound system.  Oh yes, I mustn’t forget Copy Copy, who printed 35 free colour posters to help us advertise the event. 
With free food, balloons, our brand-new homemade banner, live music, lots of babies, and two midwives on hand, it was a great event!  Lots of people came and asked questions and some new folks signed up to be on the e-mail list to stay informed about the status of midwifery in the territory.  It was great to meet so many people who were interested in the group and interested in seeing midwifery become part of the government health plan in Yukon. 
The truth is that it will probably take a while to see midwifery become funded, so the work our group is doing won’t necessarily directly benefit our own families.  But it’s great to meet some of the folk that might benefit from our efforts down the road.

One Response to “Have you hugged a midwife today?”

  1. Rhapsody May 6, 2007 at 5:03 pm #

    Did not know there was such a day. To all those midwives out there……..keep up the good work.  Have a good week ahead.
    Stay blessed.

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